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User-Friendly Solution Slashes Time Spent on Video Creation

AUCNET, a purveyor of information sharing services, implemented Panopto to enable it to make better use of video materials in its business. The company set about establishing a platform that would solve the problems it had been experiencing with the management of video content, as well as enabling anyone to create and utilise such content. By converting training manuals and responses to internal enquiries to video format, and making use of video in training sessions and meetings, AUCNET has been able to make significant improvements to its operations, while at the same time reducing expended person-hours. Panopto has also helped AUCNET to better pass on accumulated expertise, and foster an organizational culture appropriate to the digital age as well as new ways of working.

The Challenge

Overloaded, Disparate Servers Made Content Creation Challenging

Based on a business model formulated in the course of providing auction services, AUCNET subsequently expanded its operations to encompass auctions for used cars, used motorcycles, used digital devices, pre-owned luxury brand items, flowers, and used medical equipment.  AUCNET has come to make active use of video content, in particular for marketing purposes. At the same time, however, a number of challenges had caused the utilization of video-based materials for internal purposes to stagnate.

As AUCNET continues to grow, the increasing number of video files in the servers were reaching capacity, and it was scattered amongst various departments, videos were difficult to navigate on the server. Also, video creation and editing were on two different tools, it needed to employ staff with those skills for these respective tasks. While outsourcing the creation of content to professional video services was an option, such an approach was not cost-effective for internal materials.

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The Solution

AUCNET selected Panopto as their corporate internal video content management portal, which enables anyone to create and use videos with ease. These three following characteristics are of their particular importance:

  1. Flexible Sharing and Searching
  2. Anyone Can Create Content and Keep Track of Viewing Statistics with Ease
  3. Sophisticated Access Management Enables Platform to be Used by All Employees, Regardless of Position

The Impact

Significant Time Savings, Promotion of Information-Sharing Culture

The rollout had a clear quantitative effect, with particular efficiency improvements being observed in the areas of internal task manuals, training sessions, and meetings, enabling the company to achieve labour savings equivalent to 1000 person-hours in the course of the year. A total of 458 videos have now been posted, and the system has 236 active users.

“My passion about getting more employees to use video content inspired me to promote video-based content to the rest of the organization. In addition to saving time and labour , Panopto has changed the way we work and revamped our corporate culture.”

Dan Hiroyuki, Digital Transformation division, AUCNET Incorporated
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The New Way of Working

Organizational cultures and ways of working fostered by video-based communication will lead to new way of working that release employees from time constraints, in turn leading to the advancement of the business.

“The transition to working from home that was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased use of online meetings, chat, and other tools that change the ways we work. The combination of these tools with Panopto creates further potential applications.,” said Dan Hiroyuki.

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