15 Ways to Enhance Employee Onboarding with Video

You’ve found your team’s next superstar — that new hire with the right mix of expertise and enthusiasm with a ton of potential to help your business do great things. But unlocking all that promise takes more than just handing them a laptop and assigning them a desk.

ICON-Onboarding White Paper - Make Every First Day A Good OneToday more and more organizations have come to realize that, in order to get the most out of new hires, they need to reexamine that internal practice that’s as old as the hiring process itself: onboarding. Learning and Development teams in organizations around the world are now hard at work to amplify the traditional “welcome aboard” training – designing 90-day plans filled with conferences, classrooms, and one-on-one calls.

All that activity is with good reason: modern, programmatic onboarding has been shown to:

  • Reduce turnover among new hires
  • Reduce cost of on-site training events
  • Ensure the consistency of training activities
  • Increase employee knowledge retention
  • Increase employee engagement from day one

Still, as organizations expand with storefronts, offices, and partners around the globe, live training for onboarding can often be inefficient at best. Corporate Learning and Development departments need a tool to support and scale their onboarding efforts.

More compelling than a handbook and more cost-effective than on-location events and seminars, video is one of the best employee onboarding investments a company can make. With the right video platform and onboarding program in place, employees learn more, feel more connected and remain loyal longer — all at a significant cost savings to the company.

Find out more in our latest free white paper, Make Every First Day A Great One.

In it, we detail how video can be used to improve onboarding for businesses and universities, including:

  • 15 kinds of onboarding videos to supplement your training program
  • 5 capabilities your onboarding video platform needs to be successful
  • How to develop an onboarding program that works

Onboarding isn’t just training — it’s a delicate process of introducing a new employee to the culture and values of a company. Our latest white paper will show you how video can be an easy way to scale your onboarding efforts, and to help you make sure your onboarding program is ready anywhere, anytime, for each and every one of your new hires.

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Published: May 28, 2014