4 Ways Video Can Improve Your Employee Onboarding

Hiring new talent can be a costly affair — especially if you lose your new recruits to early turnover.

According to a recent survey by BambooHR, nearly 1 in 4 new hire losses can be prevented through improved employee onboarding. We may be biased, but we believe using video in your onboarding processes can help your new hires maintain the enthusiasm they have for your company starting from day one.

1. Pre-boarding

Ensure that your new hires can hit the ground running by inviting them to take care of time-consuming administrative paperwork prior to the first day. Electronic signature technology such as DocuSign can streamline the process of submitting necessary onboarding paperwork, but the procedure can be intimidating for some. Create short screen recording videos that offer step-by-step instructions and include a link to the recordings with your onboarding documents.

2. Send a welcome message

It’s normal to be nervous on your first day at a new company, especially with so many new faces to learn. Have your executives and key team members create quick videos to welcome new hires to the company, and send links to those videos as soon as an offer is accepted. This is a great way to get your new employees excited for their new job and help them get acquainted with their leaders.

At Panopto, new hires also create short videos introducing themselves to the company. Not only is it a great way for them to learn how to use the software, but it also helps the rest of the company learn more about their new colleagues.

3. Create a library of training videos

Enable your new hires to access training at their own pace through a company video training library. If you’re using a video platform like Panopto, it’s never been easier to create a video training portal that enables your employees to view best practices, company policies, and benefits information on an on-demand basis from any device.

4. Use analytics to monitor progress

Video analytics can be a great way to monitor how engaged your new recruits are during the onboarding process. Get insights into who is watching your onboarding videos, and for how long. Identify recruits who are falling behind to figure out ways to get them back on track.

What other ways have you used video to improve your employee onboarding procedures? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Panopto’s online video platform can help you streamline your new hire training, contact us for a demo or free trial.

Published: April 15, 2014