5 Reasons Why Every CIO Needs a Video Content Management System


Sure it’s been with us for more than a century, but video is now poised to be the next essential business tool to spread across your entire company. Are you ready?

Large organizations increasingly depend on video for executive communications, event streaming, corporate training, knowledge sharing, marketing, sales readiness, and more.

The explosive growth of enterprise video presents new challenges around data security, network administration, and content management. At the same time, enterprise video opens new opportunities for IT organizations to advance their cloud and mobile computing strategies, reduce operational costs, and drive business value through improved employee collaboration and productivity.

In recent years, the video content management system (VCMS) has emerged as a new type of enterprise solution built to facilitate the management and delivery of video across a global organization. For CIOs and IT departments, the VCMS (often called a “Corporate YouTube”) provides cost-effective infrastructure for overcoming the unique challenges of video, and for using video as an asset to drive business growth.

Specifically, CIOs and their teams can use video content management systems to:

  1. Improve the security of valuable data stored in the form of video
  2. Drive enterprise growth in partnership with lines of business
  3. Ensure that your mobile strategy is optimized for video delivery
  4. Efficiently manage the bandwidth consumed by video streaming
  5. Reduce IT costs associated with DIY video strategies

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Published: December 17, 2013