7 Things Businesses Can Learn from Universities About Video

ICON - 7 Things Businesses Can Learn from Universities About VideoOver the past ten years, video technology has changed the way people communicate immeasurably. Video conferencing, webcasting, video calling and more have been embraced by businesses of all kinds.

Surprising to some, however, is exactly who is at the forefront of the change. The organizations that are realizing the greatest business value from video aren’t businesses at all — they’re universities. And the solutions they’ve been using for over a decade are just now being widely adopted by their corporate counterparts.

Colleges and universities aren’t just teaching businesses about the value of the technology — they’re leading by example. At the core of their lesson is found a single unifying solution: the video content management system (VCMS). With it, universities successfully record numerous lectures, make these lectures available to all students on demand, webcast classes for remote learners, enable in-video search and more — all at a fraction of what many corporations expect to pay for the same services.

And so, the question becomes: How? With all of the challenges inherent to video, how have colleges and universities done what corporations have struggled to do without great complication and expense?

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In our latest white paper, Seven Things Businesses Can Learn From Universities About Video, we describe the seven challenges corporations face when searching for an efficient, effective platform for their video content management needs — and the solutions universities have found to them all:

  • Challenge #1: The Hardware Issue
  • Challenge #2: The Perspective Problem
  • Challenge #3: Video Storage Chaos
  • Challenge #4: File Incompatibility Frustrations
  • Challenge #5: Bandwidth Capacity Concerns
  • Challenge #6: Live Learning Scalability Struggles
  • Challenge #7: The Video Search Problem

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Published: September 18, 2014