8 Ways Today’s Manufacturing Businesses Are Putting Video To Work

For today’s manufacturers, being able to recognize opportunities and learn faster than the competition is essential to building and preserving a competitive advantage.

Now more than ever, manufacturers must meet the most exacting standards, without slowing for even a moment. It’s a challenge that relies on eyesight and expertise as much as raw data — and that’s where video has become a welcome ally.

Video helps modern production facilities view their operations in a way spreadsheets can’t. It provides an objective view that can spotlight new opportunities. And it offers a more visual, engaging way to connect management and workforce — in both directions.

Every manufacturer’s business is different, and every organization will find unique ways to incorporate video as part of building a knowledge-based competitive advantage. As the industry continues to identify new opportunities to create value and drive savings, here are some of today’s most common uses for video:

Document and Review Production Processes
Documenting a complete production process can be almost impossible. Video offers a better option, enabling manufacturers to record with multiple cameras and document production processes in full.
Sample Sales Training Video - Panopto Video Platform
Record the Knowledge of Expert Employees
As veteran employees near retirement, organizations will lose untold amounts of subject matter expertise. Video can preserve that institutional knowledge, ensuring it will be searchable and sharable inside the organization even after the employee left.

Scale Safety, HR, and Skills Training
It’s no longer enough to leave a manual at a workstation or hold occasional in-person classes. Video helps you scale your employee training — enabling you to teach compliance requirements, safety best practices, role-specific skills training, benefits details, and almost anything else, on-demand.

Broadcast Internal and External Events
Events can be a valuable communication tool, but they have a limitation — they’re only valuable to people who can attend. Panopto solves that, enabling businesses to webcast event video live online to any audience of any size, and making recorded conference presentations instantly shareable in a central video library. To see how one business did it, read our Siemens case study.
Sample How To Video - Panopto Video Platform
Bolster Sales and Marketing Activities
When it comes to making a sale, most manufacturers operate within a labyrinth of partners, distributors, sales channels, and direct customers. Video can help businesses break through, with a visually rich format that shows what sets your products, features, and processes apart better than even the best brochures or flyers.

Amplify Corporate Communications
Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read an email — especially when they’re positioned at workstations instead of an email inbox all day. Simple video presentations can be a more effective way to reach team members with messages from HR, the CEO, or any other group inside the organization.

Identify Continuous Improvement Opportunities
Identify opportunities for improvement by reviewing video recordings of production processes in sequence. Many organizations find that along with the specific content, the total number of videos recorded on a subject can itself be a flag for potential issues.

Maintain a Central, Secure Library of Video Assets
No matter how any given manufacturer uses video, in the end, nearly every one creates a robust library of video files. Panopto is the only video platform that integrates best-of-breed recording and webcasting with a secure video library and a unique video search engine that makes finding information inside your videos as easy as searching for content within email and documents.

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Published: November 19, 2014

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