Advancing Education at Wharton: From Multi-Source Lecture Capture to the Flipped Classroom

Wharton used Panopto to implement lecture capture and flipped classroom technologyWith the school’s previous hardware-based capture solutions, Wharton’s faculty had been able to record only a limited number of sources. That often meant tough choices for what was recorded and what wasn’t, and resulting videos that paled in comparison to the actual in-classroom experience.

With Panopto’s ability to record a virtually unlimited number of video sources, from cameras to screen recordings to slide presentations, there was no need to make compromises to capture all of the lecture content — every facet of the classroom could be captured in full. No longer did students have to strain to read writing on a whiteboard, or have to miss close up demonstrations. Now, everything was available in high definition.

While initially Wharton was interested in Panopto for how the video platform could help the school achieve its vision of producing lecture video that truly captured the classroom experience, Wharton soon found that Panopto’s support is what sets the video platform apart from others.

Early in the rollout of the school’s custom high-end video capture cards, the Public Technology team was disappointed to find the cards were experiencing buffering issues that led to a noticeable decrease in playback quality. The Panopto team worked hand-in-hand with Wharton to identify the source of the issue, and developed custom code that Wharton could apply to make sure the issue was resolved. Panopto then later rolled the fix out into production.

When Wharton’s Courseware team made the switch from its old learning management system (LMS) to Instructure Canvas, the Wharton team was happy to find the move also created a preferred method of delivering Panopto videos. Panopto integrates seamlessly with Canvas, meaning that Wharton could add lecture recordings to class websites alongside other course materials. And with single sign-on integration (SSO), access to the right videos for any given student was handled programmatically, eliminating the need for course administrators to independently manage content permissions and the hassle for students to remember passwords to two different portals.

Panopto’s support team continues to work closely with the Wharton team. “There are so many products out there that promise great capture,” said Lieu. “But no other solution delivers support and management like Panopto.”

Empowering Faculty to Advance Education: From Lecture Capture to the Flipped Classroom and More

With Panopto taking the legwork out of capturing and delivering a high-quality recorded lecture experience, faculty and staff at Wharton were freed up to look for new ways to provide students with innovative classroom learning experiences.

Though Panopto had been deployed in the classroom in a way that minimized the need for professors to engage in the capture of their lectures, it also offered Wharton’s faculty and support staff an unprecedented flexibility to experiment with video as a newer medium for delivering education.

Professors in marketing and operations management, wanting to foster better engagement in the classroom, started leveraging Panopto to “flip” their classrooms. Using the Panopto desktop recorder on the computers in their offices and homes, a handful of Wharton professors began recording short pre-lecture videos for their students. By sending these videos to their students before the scheduled class time, instructors were able to deliver traditional lecture content in an easy-to-consume form. In this way, students could watch and engage with the content at their own pace, prepare questions, and have a foundational understanding of the day’s subject matter before even walking in the door. In turn, that meant Wharton’s professors could use the in-class time for interactive learning, active discussion and debate, and taking a deeper dive into complex material.

After more than a decade of experimentation to pursue their vision, Wharton has finally found in Panopto a solution for faithfully reproducing the classroom experience on video. With great lecture capture and video content management, Wharton has been able to capture more classes in higher fidelity, with less hardware and greater control over the process. Panopto has enabled the Public Technology department to deliver outstanding lecture capture services to their faculty and students while reducing the strain on both their budget and their time. And as a bonus, Wharton has also been able to leverage the same tools used for lecture capture to expand their teaching methods into the flipped classroom model.

ICON---The-Wharton-School-of-the-University-of-PennsylvaniaIn service to a leading business school, the Public Technology team at The Wharton School are always two steps ahead. Not only do they accept the rapid pace of change in educational technology, but they do everything in their power to push the needle ever forward. Knowing that faculty and students needs will continue to evolve, Wharton chose a lecture capture vendor that would go above and beyond in both innovation and support, and become a true partner in advancing education.

To learn more about how The Wharton School used Panopto to expand and simplify their lecture capture implementation, download your free copy of our case study today. Interested in upgrading your institution’s lecture capture to a software-based video content management system? Contact a member of our team today to request a free trial.

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