Are You Creating R.O.L.E. (Reference, Onboarding, Learning and Education) Meeting Videos?

When your meetings feature thoughtful discussions and real decisions, more often than not they’ll be invaluable additions to your education and onboarding video libraries.

Over time, recording your meetings will build a powerful reference library of past solutions, proposed options, and more ideas you can use in the future to inform and enhance your organization’s next proposals.

So what kind of meetings are great R.O.L.E. meetings?Video Recording for Reference Onboarding Learning Education - Panopto Enterprise Video Platform

  • Reference:Any instance in which strategy, plans, permissions, or other ideas are being discussed that you’d want to save for sharing and later review. Recording these meetings creates invaluable records on how and why decisions were made, what goals were targeted, and who provided ideas and approvals.
  • Onboarding: Any instance in which you’re sharing information that would be useful to new employees. Often, this video may be taken while onboarding one employee and then shared with every next new hire – saving time for your training team while ensuring everything is covered consistently and in full.
  • Learning: Social learning is the latest trend in corporate learning, and with good reason. Recording your employees sharing institutional knowledge and best practices will help everyone in your organization get the most out of your processes, systems, products, and services.
  • Education: Too many organizations rely on in-person teams for routine corporate training. Any instance where you may require multiple repeated reviews of basic policies or processes can instead be recorded once and shared – saving trainers’ time and giving your employees more flexibility in updating their skills.

Recording your meetings and making them available on your company’s video content management system (VCMS, or “corporate YouTube”) is a great way to share ideas, embrace transparency, and help new and existing members of your team understand where the company is headed and why.

Your VCMS can even help extend the life of your videos, by making them—and all their valuable content—easier to find. Whereas videos stored on local networks is often quickly forgotten about and generally inaccessible by other teams, VCMS centralize your video so more people can find what they need.

Panopto takes inside video search to a whole new level. Along with indexing basic information like title and description, Panopto goes further, indexing transcriptions, notes, and even the text in your presentation slides—and makes it all searchable. Panopto does all this for every video in your library, so your employees can find exactly what they need, every time—even if they don’t know exactly what they are looking for.

Modern VCMS solutions like Panopto make storing, sharing, and searching video across your organization a breeze, allowing you to improve your organization’s big picture insights just in the name of getting stuff done.

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Published: January 30, 2014