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Break Through: 18 Ways You Can Boost Your Sales Enablement Practice with Video

In a crowded marketplace — where customers are more knowledgeable and competitors more aggressive — it’s harder than ever for your sales team to stand out.

That’s a real problem, because now that it’s easier than ever to get lost in the noise, it’s become absolutely essential for your sales team to be memorable.

But do you really think your sales team is actually using all those brochures, handbooks, and FAQs your organization is writing for them?

ICON - Sales Enablement - Break ThroughThink again.

A massive portion of most companies’ sales enablement tools and strategies are going unused. Accenture reports:

  • 90% of sales content is not used by salespeople
  • 80% of training is not retained after 60 days
  • Proper sales methodology is used less than half of the time

What can you do?
Your sales enablement materials need to rise above everyday documentation to avoid being overlooked.

To be more effective, you need another tool — something faster, easier, and more engaging that can help you get messages across in full.

You need video.

Forward-looking organizations are already adopting video to support almost every aspect of the sales cycle.

Don’t get left behind! Find out how you can use video to help your sales team break through — including 18 ways you can use video to enhance the way your organization does sales enablement — in our new white paper.

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