Typically, when we think about new employee onboarding, we think about all the processes that help a new hire get acclimated and productive in his or her new workplace. Completing the requisite paperwork, getting enrolled in various benefits plans, training — all of these items fall under the onboarding umbrella.

But did you know that new employees aren’t the only ones that can benefit from onboarding? Not only can your employee onboarding processes help get your new hire acclimated to his or her new role, but they can also help your existing employees get acquainted with their new colleague and streamline their ability to incorporate him or her into their daily workflow.

In this blog post from CKR Interactive, Colin McAvoy offers several spot-on ideas that can help your current employees to learn more about their newest team member, including sending introductory emails and holding getting-to-know-you social events prior to the new employee’s first day. However, it will come as no surprise that our favorite tactic for employee introductions is through the use of video.

Employee introduction videos are a great way to break the ice and help employees both new and old become acquainted with each other. Every new employee creates a brief video introducing themselves, sharing some of their professional background and some details of their lives outside the office. Introductory videos are uploaded and stored in the company’s “Corporate YouTube,” which serves as a searchable directory of coworkers that the entire company can access.

It’s a process that we’ve been using at Panopto for years, and helps everyone in the company learn a bit about each other beyond our educational and employment histories. Additionally, enabling new hires to access employee videos before their first day helps your newest team members place names to faces, and get their first taste of your company’s culture.

Here’s one example from Panopto’s own employee video directory:



Interested in Boosting Your New Employee Onboarding Through Video?

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Published: March 01, 2019