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Campus-Wide Video — That Started With Students

Butler University had a unique need for an instructional video solution. Other institutions had already discovered the value of lecture capture, but Butler’s need was different.


Instead of recording their professors, the university wanted a simple, scalable solution to capture course content and student engagement.

Enabling students to role play scenarios, practice skills in simulations, and otherwise learn by experience was key to enhancing a number of Butler’s academic programs. Finding the right video solution to support that goal was the challenge.

After rigorous technical and pedagogical assessment, Butler selected Panopto.

And then something surprising happened.

The video solution Butler thought it had found to meet a small need in its College of Pharmacy and Health Science quickly began to spread. Soon professors and students across the campus had begun capturing full lectures, flipping classrooms, recording assignments, and even capturing basketball practices.

How did a simple tool for students become an invaluable campus-wide resource? Download our newest case study today to find out.