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Can Laptops and Webcams Really Do That?

Sure, it seemed like a challenge.

But when industry-leading electronics and engineering provider Siemens had the idea to record an entire international convention using just laptops and webcams, they decided the potential benefits far outweighed the risks.

After all, their Learning & Development team had already been using Panopto onsite—this would just be a jump into the deep end, right?

And if it worked? They’d have more than thirty original videos, complete with Powerpoint slides and session notes, uploaded and ready to share within a week of the conference’s last day.

Not only would it be a feat they’d never even come close to achieving before – it would be eight times faster than usual!

Of course, to pull it off successfully, the event planners needed help. So, early in the year they gave us a call and together we got everything ready for the big event.

Panopto, the video recording and management system they’d already been using on a small scale for corporate training, would underpin the ultra-simple record-and-share strategy they planned to use.

The result: from the first session to the last, Panopto worked. Using only webcams they already had, a new set of USB microphones, and the presenters’ own laptops, the team had perfectly captured more than 30 event sessions.

It was just as Siemens expected: awesome.

Want more details on how they pulled it off? Check out the case study here. Or just give us a call at 855.PANOPTO.