The report reads: “Maverick research exposes unconventional thinking and advice.” But we believe that the bold conclusion Gartner analyst, Adam Preset, came to in his recent report, “Maverick* Research: Video Intelligence Will Save the World, Your Life and Your Job,” may have been prophetic.

As COVID-19 spread aggressively across the globe, many businesses accelerated their adoption of new digital technologies in order to safely continue operations. New data released by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company shows a dramatic 5-year leap forward in digital adoption in a matter of just 8 weeks.

Video communication and collaboration technologies, in particular, have seen skyrocketing adoption and usage. Both have become critical for maintaining the continuity of business, education, healthcare, and even government through this pandemic — saving countless jobs, lives, and also the world from what could have been a far worse situation.

Helping the world through a pandemic may not have been exactly what Preset had in mind when he envisioned new enterprise-driven applications for emerging video technologies. Nonetheless, the thinking and advice detailed in his report now seems far less unconventional.

Preset’s research examines video trends in the consumer market where usage of video has significantly outpaced video adoption in the workplace. When those trends eventually collide with an incoming video-savvy workforce and increasingly available smart AI-powered video technologies, we may see a number of benefits to society that extend beyond the company balance sheet.

Today, organizations already use video for remote communication and collaborationexecutive communication, learning and development, marketing, sales, and for capturing and storing knowledge in a searchable library. But Preset says business leaders should be thinking much farther ahead when it comes to use cases and applications for video in the workplace.

Preset’s Maverick Research on Video Intelligence covers three groundbreaking ideas for the future of video at work, as well as nine specific recommendations meant to inspire business leaders to take immediate action on this front. 

According to Preset, “Enterprises that continue to neglect video will be unable to exploit a new, video-literate talent pool that will create competitive advantage.”

Panopto is pleased to offer this thought-provoking look into the evolution of video in the workplace to our readers. If you’re ready to learn how to make your business the agile hero in an uncertain future, be sure to read the full report.


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Source: Gartner, Maverick* Research: Video Intelligence Will Save the World, Your Life and Your Job, Adam Preset, 5 November 2019