Celebrate Flipped Day by Flipping Your Classroom!

If you’ve taught in a classroom in the past few years — any subject, any level, any place — you’ve already at least heard of the flipped classroom.

Flipped Day - Flip Your ClassroomIn fact it’s likely — with 1 in 5 teachers now planning to flip their classrooms — that you at least know of a colleague already experimenting with this latest classroom innovation.

But if you haven’t yet experienced the power of the flipped classroom for yourself, today is your lucky day.

It’s Flipped Day.

Organized by the Flipped Learning Network, Flipped Day asks educators across the globe simply to flip one lesson today.

The Basics of Flipped Learning

For those not already familiar with the trend, the flipped classroom takes the traditional educational experience — lectures in class, homework at home — and inverts it.

In a flipped classroom, teachers share their lecture materials ahead of time, typically as condensed video “micro-lectures” that students are expected to review before class. In practice, those micro-lectures can be almost anything — from Powerpoint slides presented by the teacher, to curated videos, reading assignments, or almost anything else. What’s important is the shift — making homework of the lecture allows students to watch it at their own pace, and rewind and review anything they want to hear repeated on-demand.

More important is just what that scheduling shift opens up. With class time freed of the required lecture, teachers can open the floor to a much more interactive learning experience. Flipping the classroom creates time for activity, discussion, teamwork, concept exploration — even just simple, personalized instruction as teachers and students can work together in person on assignments that previously would have been done at home.

Celebrate Flipped Day by Flipping Your Classroom!

On Flipped Day, the Flipped Learning Network asks every teacher to give inverted learning a try. Instead of delivering content for a particular lesson from the front of the room, try:

  • Create a recording of that content ahead of time, or
  • Curate a recording someone else has created
  • Assign the recording as homework for students to interact with before they come to class
  • Engage your students in class with a creative activity to deepen their understanding of the lesson

Looking for a few ideas and resources for flipping your classroom? We’ve got a few pointers:

Classroom Flipping Recommendations, Strategies, and Tactics


Flipped Classroom Example

Student-Centered Approach to Teaching
Join Gareth Hall of the UK’s Aberystwyth University for a meta-flipped classroom, as he uses the inverted format to discuss the fundamentals of flipped learning for his colleagues.



Flipped Class Case Studies


Technical Advice for Your Flipped Classroom

Take a deeper look at the flipped classroom evolution, including the foundational strategy and early results that have so many teachers excited, in our latest white paper, So You’ve Decided To Flip Your Classroom.

In it, we discuss the five most important technologies schools should consider when researching or implementing the flipped classroom, including:

  • How to make videos easily available, consistently and securely
  • How to enable teachers to record video in any location
  • Ensuring instructors can record anything, no matter how complex
  • Ensuring students can watch videos anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Ensuring students can find any topic in any video when needed


Celebrate Flipped Day!

Panopto’s flipped classroom software is designed to make flipping easy for any classroom, with simple software that records anything, anytime, anywhere — whatever information you need to share to help your flipped class come into your room ready to talk, share, and act.

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