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Check Out Panopto In TechCrunch! “Tech Companies are Getting Schooled by Universities When it Comes to Using Video”

Panopto in TechCrunchAfter centuries of relying almost exclusively on text to share ideas and insights, the world today is in the early stages of a big change. Video is fast becoming a go-to-tool for presenting just about any kind of information. More engaging than print and able to capture exceptional detail in a simple, easy-to-review format, video is quickly proving its worth for scaling education, training, communications, events, and just about any other activity where information is shared.

But that growing pervasiveness isn’t happening everywhere at the same speed. Some environments have been fast to see the opportunity inherent in video — and some haven’t caught on as quickly.

Today we’re excited that Panopto is in the digital pages of TechCrunch, where we’re sharing the story of how today’s universities are running circles around their peers in the tech industry when it comes to adopting video.

We look into what universities have been doing to turn themselves into video production powerhouses, charting the course for video-based knowledge sharing for more than a decade. We then look into what tech companies have been missing — and why 85% of these companies now expect to take advantage of the video opportunity in the years ahead.

Finally, we dig into the use cases for video inside the organization — the same proven strategies built in academia now at work in the office — and share the real ROI rewards enterprise video adopters are finding.

Check out Panopto in TechCrunch for the full story!

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