Sixty-nine percent of Fortune 500 companies have a public video channel on YouTube and the percentage of U.S. universities who have a presence on YouTube is even higher at 92%.

With over a billion monthly viewers, YouTube is an obvious choice for hosting videos that are meant for broad, public consumption.

But what do you do with videos you don’t want to share on YouTube?

For businesses, it may be your CEO’s quarterly town hall events, the prototype product demo recorded by your engineering team, sales enablement recordings discussing competitive advantages, or new employee onboarding videos. For universities, it may be lectures, flipped classroom recordings, student presentations, or faculty training.

These videos have different security, reporting, and searchability needs than the videos you post to YouTube. They’re perfect candidates for being centralized and hosted in a video content management system (video CMS), which is more like a private and secure internal YouTube.

Create a Private Internal YouTube With Panopto

This “internal YouTube” for businesses and academic institutions combines the ease of use that’s made YouTube so popular with granular control over security and privacy, integration with your existing learning management systems, analytics for tracking viewing behavior, and the ability to search inside your videos to find specific words mentioned or shown in your recordings.

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In the latest release of Panopto’s VCMS, we’ve made it easier than ever to upload all of your videos into a secure, central library where they can be managed, shared, and viewed on any device. Check out the video below to see how it works:

Uploading Audio & Video Files With Panopto:



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Published: August 07, 2017

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