It’s always a good time to declutter, consolidate and reorganize your businesses’ video closet.

As video content becomes more pervasive through businesses — used in everything from employee training to corporate communications — companies both big and small are amassing so many internal videos scattered across their networks that they could fill libraries.

Surely something worth recording is worth sharing, which is why there is immense value in moving corporate video content to a private video hosting platform that makes it easier to share videos internally. But building a corporate video library just isn’t that simple.

Video can create a host of problems for typical LAN and content management systems (CMSs), which is how most businesses with good intention try to host video content. While LAN folders and CMSs (such as SharePoint) are great for managing document files, they fall short when it comes to hosting, sharing and searching video files across an organization.

If you didn’t know you needed a special content management system just for video, read more about the benefits of a video CMS.

Panopto Makes It Easy To Create a Searchable Video Library

Panopto’s enterprise video platform gives you the tools to create and curate a private and secure video library for your business videos — it’s a YouTube alternative for businesses.

Watch how easy it is to upload videos to Panopto:


It’s Everything YouTube Isn’t >> Watch an overview and demo of Panopto


Other  Benefits of Building Your Video Library In Panopto

  • Panopto’s video library gives your organization a single place to store and share all your videos. Your library works on your terms and can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premises.
  • Importing video into Panopto is as easy as dragging and dropping them into our video upload tool one-by-one or hundreds at a time. Panopto supports a huge range of video file types and automatically transcodes every video so it can be viewed on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Panopto’s native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps extend your video library to everywhere your employees are — and enable your teams to upload video whenever and wherever they record it.
  • More than just a storage system, Panopto’s video library includes Smart Search technology that helps your people search across your entire library and inside videos find exactly what they need — new or old, and whether or not it was recorded with Panopto.


Thinking about building a central and secure video library for your business? 

Should you build or buy a corporate video library?The cost savings associated with centralizing corporate videos that support internal communications, employee training, knowledge sharing, and more are massive. Microsoft, for example, built its own internal video portal for employee-generated content and saved nearly $14M annually.

But the cost of building your own corporate video library can also be substantial. Our latest white paper breaks down the specifics to help you decided whether to build or buy a video portal that enables the use of video across your organization. Download it for free today.

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Your Corporate YouTube: Build or Buy?


Published: September 10, 2019