The Easiest Way to Build a Central Video Library

As video has become pervasive through most organizations — used everywhere from training and customer service to corporate communications and marketing — just about every business has a library’s worth of video scattered across their networks.

Too often, however, actually creating a library from all that video isn’t all that easy.

But if something is worth recording, it’s worth sharing. And that’s why, here at Panopto, we’re constantly working to make adding a video to your “enterprise YouTube” as effortless as possible.

See how we make uploading video easy, in our latest feature video:

Uploading Video and Audio - Panopto Video Platform.png


Panopto’s video library gives your organization a single place to store and share all your videos. Your library works on your terms, and can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premises.

Importing video into Panopto is as easy as dragging and dropping them into our upload tool one-by-one or hundreds at a time. Panopto supports a huge range of video file types, and automatically transcodes every video so it can be viewed on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Panopto’s native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps extend your video library to everywhere your employees are — and enable your teams to upload video whenever and wherever they record it.

More than just a storage system, Panopto’s video library includes Smart Search technology that helps your people search across your entire library and inside videos find exactly what they need — new or old, and whether or not it was recorded with Panopto.

Building your corporate YouTube is easy with Panopto. Ready to find out more? Contact our team or request a demo today.


Published: September 07, 2016

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