Top executives routinely cite employee development as one of their biggest business challenges. After all, a company’s productivity depends on employees understanding the goals of the company and executing their responsibilities as well as possible.

Sales Training Knowledge Loss image - Panopto Video PlatformYet recent reports from the Savo Group indicate that 35 percent of the knowledge employees gain during training is lost within a single month—and after six months, that number is closer to 90 percent.

Historically companies have looked to ongoing learning and development programs in order to combat this knowledge loss, as well as help employees polish old skills with new ideas and continue to grow and expand capabilities within roles.

Video can be a valuable tool in support of your sales training regimen. Here’s how.

3 Just-In-Time Learning Strategies For Your Sales Team

Skills enhancement via role play. Honing sales skills takes more than philosophical reviews of selling approaches. It takes practice to get familiar with common customer questions and pushback and to be able to steer conversations back on track.

Many sales teams already role play customer scenarios to help team members learn new pitches, prepare for possible difficulties, and keep skills sharp. But unless they are recorded, those practice sessions really only benefit the participants.

From telemarketers to professional athletes, there’s no shortage of evidence that recording and reviewing one’s own performance is a quick and effective way to diagnose issues and identify opportunities for improvement. Recording and sharing these video role-play sessions amongst your team is a great way to help others learn from the experience as well and can help you convey the style and delivery, as well as the substance, of an ideal selling interaction.

Regular product and process updates. While most of your sales enablement practice will highlight new ideas, techniques, and strategies, a smaller but just as important part will be spent ensuring your team can quickly and clearly receive, absorb, and complete standard recurring processes and training.

Especially for more routine or organization-focused objectives like annual reviews, compliance, or ergonomics, it’s critical that your sales team gets the message — quickly.

More compelling than a handbook and more readily available and cost-effective than on-location events and seminars, supplementing your traditional training with available on-demand video is one of the best investments companies make. In fact, new reports suggest transitioning to video e-learning can save your sales team up to 35% of the time it would otherwise be required to spend with in-class training.

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Training conference recordings. Events and internal conferences serve a vital purpose. Not only do they allow companies to disseminate relevant information, they can also give employees and others a glimpse of what their peers are working on, what’s new in the industry, and where the company is thinking strategically.

Attending such an event can boost employee morale and engagement in a way that’s almost impossible to replicate during business-as-usual moments. But for oft-cited reasons of timing and budget, attendance is seldom possible for every event and every member of your team.

When attendance isn’t possible, a video recording of the event can be the next best thing. Recording events — or even live-streaming them — can be a great way to share the excitement and insight gleaned from all those keynotes and breakouts, with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Using Video To Improve Sales Team Performance

Published: July 08, 2019