Expanding Global Learning & Development with Social Learning and On-Demand Video

code-on-laptop_600x400_a“We wanted to make more use of more content,” recalls Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist in Qualcomm’s Corporate Learning Center.”We have hundreds of instructor-led events each year, including technical, professional, and management classes. But there were other opportunities not being recorded — things like guru talks, knowledge sharing sessions, and brown bag sessions. We knew there was a wealth of information being presented in those environments, and we wanted to make it available for everyone.  Now we can and we do.”

That started with getting the right supporting tools in place. With Panopto, it’s easy for the Qualcomm team to record just about anything. “Now we just have the presenter come in with their presentation on their computer, sharing whatever they like on their screen,” said Davis. “We have a separate computer that records audio and video. With Panopto we record both of those into a single session, and then from that, we get a really nice presentation we can index and make available in minutes.”

That newfound flexibility allows Qualcomm’s learning and development teams to provide more training materials and informational resources for the company’s worldwide workforce. “We have a significant number of employees in international offices,” notes Davis. “Relying only on instructor-led training has become an expensive proposition. We see it being wiser to simply hold a session once and use Panopto to simultaneously stream a live broadcast of the class for those who can attend in real-time, as well as capture a recording of the event we can make available for others to watch on-demand.”

Looking To The Future — Social Learning with Video

As Qualcomm’s learning and development teams continue to expand support for formal and informal training activities all around the world, they’ve also set their sights on another key trend in employee training — education through social learning and collaboration.

“Today our employee relations and communication groups are leveraging more and more Panopto presentations to enable that kind of social knowledge sharing to happen,” says Davis. “And the reason for that is because of the unique capture capability that Panopto has to capture what’s on your screen, along with additional video from additional cameras, and bring it all together and make it easy to search and share.”

“In the future, I’d like to get to a point where everyone at Qualcomm can use Panopto for collaboration,” says Sanderlin. “Collaboration between everyone on our team is so important for us to remaining a technology leader. Our engineers learn so much from each other — already it’s a very powerful force for innovation. Tapping into that and scaling it with Panopto could help us foster an even more collaborative environment, where everyone at Qualcomm can really exchange ideas and insights, learn from one another’s expertise, and share the intelligence we have that will help us keep on innovating.”

To learn how Qualcomm used Panopto to make corporate learning social and available worldwide, download the case study today.

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Published: August 10, 2015

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