The Fastest Way to Create and Share Online Presentations

Think about the last time you gave a live presentation. You probably just got up in front of an audience, started your PowerPoint presentation, and presented. Pretty straightforward.

Ideally, when you create and share an online presentation, the process shouldn’t be much different. At some point, you’ll need to start a recording of your presentation since you’ll be sharing it on-demand, but other than that, you shouldn’t have to change the way you present.

Unfortunately, most online presentation tools don’t work this way. Often, you’re forced to break out of your normal presentation rhythm and adapt to the way the online presentation tool works. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Many online presentation tools, for example, require you to first upload your slides to a server and wait for them to get processed. That creates a needless delay to starting your presentation, and even worse, some online presentation tools lose all of your slide animations during processing.

After your slides have been processed, those systems then require you to present them from inside a web browser, rather than using the presentation software you’re already familiar with like PowerPoint or Keynote.

Other online presentation tools offer another problem. They allow you to record your actual PowerPoint presentation, but then, they just give you a video file as output. It’s up to you to figure out how to share that file with your audience, and to ensure that the video is formatted in a way so that your audience can view it on their laptops, tablets, or smart phones.

Panopto has taken a different approach. We wanted to make sure that creating and sharing online presentations was as straightforward as giving a live presentation. Here’s all you have to do with Panopto:

  1. Launch our recording software
  2. Click the “Record” button
  3. Give your PowerPoint presentation
  4. Click the “Stop” button


While you’re giving your PowerPoint presentation, here’s what we do in the background:

  1. Record your PowerPoint presentation in up to 1080p HD
  2. Record you presenting (using your webcam or any other camera) in up to 720p HD
  3. Automatically ingest all of the text from your PowerPoint slides
  4. From your PowerPoint text, we create a table of contents for your viewers
  5. We also create a searchable index of your presentation, allowing your viewers to search inside your video presentation for any word mentioned on your slides
  6. We automatically upload your video presentation to your Panopto video library server
  7. Convert your video presentation so that your audience can view it on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  8. Finally, we email you a link to your video presentation that you can share with your audience

Rather than adapt your presentation style and workflow to Panopto, we’ve built a tool that adapts to you. Which means you can focus on your presentation, not on the presentation technology.

For more information on how we can help your business or academic institution create and share online presentations, give us a call at (855) PANOPTO or request a free trial of our software.

Published: March 04, 2014