There’s almost no limit to the number of ways video can be used to support and scale your organization’s onboarding process. Video content is a proven way to help new employees learn just about anything — from simple HR processes to complex technical architectures.

Where so many video onboarding efforts fall short is not in the content, however — it’s in the video technology itself.

Often, organizations begin by investing in point solutions and attempting to piece them together – a standalone screen recording tool, SharePoint to store video files, a separate video editing software suite. This approach creates multiple problems that inhibit the success of your video program:

  • Collections of separate tools won’t scale cost-effectively across an organization
  • Collections of separate tools seldom integrate, which limits your ability to share
  • Collections of separate tools simply aren’t able to store and index video files effectively, making it impossible to find the video content your new employees need to find.

To get the most out of your onboarding video, you need a video platform – enterprise software that brings together the tools for video creation, sharing, and management into a single solution.

Here are the five capabilities you’ll want to ensure your onboarding video platform can offer:

Flexible Video Recording Options
Record from Any Device - Employee Onboarding with PanoptoWhen it comes to onboarding, video is only as effective as your recording technology allows it to be. Your video solution should be able to record with whatever camera your employees use, or record their screen, or their mobile device, and do so whenever and wherever the employee chooses. Restricting employees to dedicated recorders or dedicated studio rooms only creates hurdles to adoption and may ultimately limit your success.

An ideal video solution should allow your team to capture an unlimited number of video sources, including one or many streams from any webcam, camcorder, or other camera; video from mobile devices or wearable technologies, screen capture video, and presentation. The more recording options your system enables, the more ways you’ll find to implement video to scale and support your onboarding efforts.

A Secure Video Library
As webcams and smartphone cameras proliferate, few organizations have difficulties finding a means to record video. But what happens to that file once it’s completed? Too often today, it’s simply saved to a hard drive, a network file share, or a SharePoint site where it’s nearly impossible for others to discover. And in those cases, even when the file is found, it can only be played back if the viewer happens to have a device that can read that specific file type.

As Forrester Research notes, “While content management is a less-pressing issue for organizations producing very little video, this discipline will be critical as video content production starts to expand dramatically.”

Modern video platforms address this issue head-on, providing centralized video libraries that make sharing easy by providing a single point for file storage. Additionally, they provide access controls that allow managers and administrators to determine which employees are able to view which content.

Enterprise YouTube - Panopto Secure Video Platform for Businesses


The Ability to Search Inside Video
Search is a new capability for video — and is quickly becoming its most essential. As Forrester analyst Phil Karcher notes, “As a general principle, if it’s worth saving, it’s worth finding.” That’s no small concern. According to IDC, today the average employee spends 8.8 hours weekly — more than one whole workday every week — just trying to locate information.

Video is a particular challenge, as many video solutions offer only limited ability to search video, via manually added metadata like titles or tags. And the challenge continues even when an employee can find a video — the lengthy nature of most business videos means the employee must then hunt-and-peck through a 30- or 60-minute video timeline to find the 2 relevant minutes they need.

By nature, onboarding video will be filled with details and sought out on a regular basis from employees all across the organization, so strong video search capabilities are a necessity. Look for a modern platform that allows your team to search across all the videos in your library as well as inside the actual contents of each video. Specifically, the video platform should support indexing the words spoken or appearing on-screen in each video along with more traditional metadata.

Support For Any Device
New employees need the ability to access relevant onboarding video wherever they may be, and on whatever device they’re using.

As more organizations move to a Bring Your Own Device model, enabling employees to use personal technology to be more productive at work, your video solution must be ready to accommodate a wide variety of devices. An effective video solution allows employees to view video on any device regardless of the original recording type.

Ideally your solution should offer native apps or web experiences that allow users to interact with your video library just as they would from a desktop browser, complete with search, sharing, recording, and upload support along with viewing capabilities.

Viewing Analytics
An important part of monitoring the success of an onboarding process is monitoring when, how and how completely employees interact with your video. A modern video platform enables managers and administrators to do just that. As employees log in to watch your content, viewing analytics gives you valuable insight into what videos are being watched, and whether any given member of the team has completed any particular video. This, in turn, enables your training team to monitor compliance rates, as well as refine and revise the onboarding system as needed to ensure its ongoing success.

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