Flipping Your Classroom? 5 Technology Details You’ll Need to Succeed

ICON - Flipping Your Classroom - 5 Technical Details to Consider - White Paper - Panopto Video PlatformEducators are flipping for the flipped classroom.

It’s a small change that asks teachers to deliver lecture materials for students to review prior to class time, and thus freeing up the classroom session for interactive discussion and activity. Yet this simple shift has been winning enthusiastic support from teachers, with strong student performance improvements reported in early results.

As with any pedagogical change, however, there are host of details that must be considered for a flip to succeed. While many educators have already dug into the details of how a flipped classroom is facilitated, far fewer have researched the specific support they’ll need from technology in order to make the new format work.

Take a deeper look into the flipped classroom evolution, including the foundational strategy and early results that have so many teachers excited, in our latest white paper, So You’ve Decided To Flip Your Classroom.

Then we’ll dig into the details and discuss the five most important technologies schools should consider when researching or implementing the flipped classroom, including:

  • How to make videos easily available, consistently and securely
  • How to enable teachers to record video in any location
  • Ensuring instructors can record anything, no matter how complex
  • Ensuring students can watch videos anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Ensuring students can find any topic in any video when needed

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Today 1 in 5 teachers are now considering flipping their classrooms — and 1 in 4 school administrators have expressed interest in implementing the trend. As you prepare a classroom for the flip, make sure you’ve addressed the technology details every flipped classroom needs to succeed.

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Published: August 21, 2014