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Focus On Your Content

Meet Jeff. Jeff is our user experience designer here at Panopto, and one of the bright minds helping to make Panopto easy to use, no matter what part of our video platform you’re using.

As part of our latest update to Panopto, we’ve made a series of subtle yet sweeping changes to our video player — all with the goal of giving you more space to share your ideas and get your message across.

Jeff’s here to walk you through what’s new in the Panopto video player, in our latest feature video.

Our new update to the Panopto web player starts with a focus on your content. We’ve simplified our player interface buttons and sliders to open up even more space for your videos and slides.

We’ve also worked to better use the space within the player, allowing your active content to take up more space while still providing one-click access to other points in the video file.

The new video player design also makes it easier to find specific moments in your videos. We’ve put keyword search front and center, always available above the video content tabs. We’ve also made subtle changes, like making the seek bar larger and including time stamps on slide previews, to make it easy to find precise segments of your videos.

We’re excited about these changes and we hope you are too. Let us know what you think! Your feedback helps us build a better Panopto.