eLearning Industry posted its top 10 eLearning statistics as a brand-new infographic, and there are a few points we just had to share.

For starters, every $1 spent on eLearning tools can receive $30 in productivity, according to IBM. Maybe that’s why 41% (and growing!) of the Fortune 500 already rely on eLearning to enhance their learning and development programs.

On the academic side, the outlook is nothing short of revolutionary: in five years, fully half of college courses will be eLearning-based.

The whole infographic is very much worth your time. Check it out!

ELearning Statistics for 2014

Panopto was founded at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the world’s leading research institutions, on the idea that video could enhance the learning process for students, faculty, and administration.

We originally built our video platform so that institutions could record and manage lectures being delivered in classrooms across campus. Today, universities are capturing thousands of hours of video using Panopto every semester, improving student retention, engagement, and achievement.

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The future of learning is technology-enabled. We’re excited to be a part. Want to find out how Panopto can help enable your eLearning solution? Contact us today for a free trial.

Published: January 02, 2014