Recently, a blog post by Revegy titled “Is Today’s Definition of Sales Enablement Turning Reps into Paper Pushers” caught our eye. In it, the author brings up a great point: what good is getting your sales reps the right content if they aren’t empowered with the right tools for shaping meaningful conversations with prospects?

According to the Sales Benchmark Index, sales enablement is defined by these 5 components:

  1. Get the right sales content…
  2. into the hands of the right sellers…
  3. at the right time…
  4. through the right channel…
  5. to move a sales opportunity forward.

Although the SBI refers primarily to brochures, ROI calculators, and other forms of collateral as the key component of sales enablement, we believe that there’s one form of content they’ve missed: video.

In recent years, video has been shown to make a positive impact on all of the above aspects of sales enablement:

1. The right sales content

From webinars to online demonstrations, video can help your sales prospects gain a better understanding of your company’s products and processes. Personalized video presentations and lead-nurturing communications enable your sales team to engage with their prospects in a more targeted way, differentiating your company from your competitors.

There’s also another use for video that shouldn’t be overlooked: internal communications. Too many companies rely on text-heavy emails and documents to keep colleagues informed and up-to-date. Video can help your sales reps to quickly capture and share new information, tactics, and best practices while in the field — right from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. In turn, team members can pick up tips and insider expertise anytime and anywhere.



2. To the right members of your sales team

“One size fits all” shouldn’t be the tagline for your sales enablement content. Your sales enablement videos should also be tailored to the different roles involved during the sales cycle. Your inbound sales reps need access to on-demand webinars and feature demonstrations that can be shared with new prospects, while your sales engineers need more technical how-to videos to share with prospects further down the consideration path.

3. When they need it

Creating sales enablement content is one thing; making sure that your sales reps have access to it at the exact moment they need it is another. If you’ve made video a part of your sales enablement strategy, then you’ll need a video platform like Panopto’s that enables your team members to search and quickly find specific video clips that contain relevant information to present to their prospects.

4. Wherever they need it

Your sales enablement videos need to be accessible to your salespeople whenever and wherever they are. This means that whether your sales rep is on a laptop at home, on a tablet while onsite at a client, or using a mobile phone while on the road, they should be able to search for and watch the video content they need. Your video platform should, at a minimum, automatically encode your videos for all of these form factors, and be able to adjust the video quality for an optimal viewing experience regardless of internet connection speed.

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5. To move a sales opportunity forward

Video for Sales Enablement Statistic - Panopto Video PlatformSales enablement is about providing your reps with the resources they need to have meaningful interactions with prospects and customers. Customer-focused content is only one aspect of your sales enablement resource arsenal. Your reps also need access to updated product information, ongoing training, and lead monitoring technology to continue being effective in a competitive marketplace.


Sales enablement doesn’t have to turn your sales reps into paper pushers. With video at their fingertips, your team will be empowered with compelling information that they can access anywhere, and with tools that can help them reinforce relationships, stand out from the competition, and make the most out of every conversation.

Ready to Improve Your Sales Enablement Practice With Video?

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Published: August 01, 2014