How Are You Going to Manage All That Video?

As video use grows across the enterprise, organizations large and small have begun searching for answers as to how they can manage all the video they create.

Too many companies are still relying on file shares and SharePoint sites, which leave video assets scattered across the organization and don’t address the unique management needs of video. Or worse, they offer no video solution at all — leaving employees to keep enormous video files on their desktops or share them on public sites like DropBox and YouTube.

There’s another way — a video platform (often called a video content management system, VCMS, or “business YouTube”) allows organizations to centralize their video assets in a secure content management system built for the specific needs of video.

Forrester Research writes that leading adopters of enterprise video today already have video content management systems in place to enable live and on-demand video distribution, video-enabled intranets, access on smartphones and tablets, social features, and user-generated content.

ICON - Your Corporate YouTube - Build or Buy - White Paper - Panopto Video PlatformVideo content management has become the next killer enterprise app — and the question now is whether companies should build or buy.

For most businesses, sourcing an established video platform will provide superior return on investment by delivering all the benefits of business video — with dramatically reduced requirements for development, and also provide expanded and continually-enhanced functionality that would otherwise be virtually impossible to budget for internally.

So what’s the right answer for your organization?

The answer to that question, complete with a case study example from Microsoft, cost comparisons, and ROI figures, and is in our free guide, “Your Corporate YouTube: Build or Buy?

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Published: April 14, 2014