How One CEO Uses Video

As CEO of NYSE Technologies, Stanley Young was facing two challenges.

First, he needed to find a way to scale the knowledge of his technical product experts. As the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext, NYSE Technologies builds complex software products for the financial services industry. Often, clients would request the assistance of NYSE’s engineers to configure these products onsite. This was not only time-consuming for the handful of engineers with the technical depth and experience to configure these products, but in several instances, the engineers never came back. Their specialized knowledge was seen as so valuable by clients, that they hired them away from NYSE Technologies, leaving Young’s organization with a significant skills gap to fill.

Second, Young was looking for a better way to communicate and connect with his employees around the world. NYSE Technologies was a combination of four acquisitions, and each of these companies had their own culture and approach to managing the business. For Young, this increased the importance of connecting directly with every employee regardless of their organization and geographic location.

In both cases, the solution to Young’s problems was video – specifically, Panopto’s video content management system (VCMS) and integrated video capture software. Click below to hear how Panopto helped Young and NYSE overcome these challenges:

Stanley Young of NYSE Technologies - Panopto VCMS

Scaling the knowledge of subject matter experts

In late 2010, the engineers at NYSE began using Panopto to record the configuration process of their financial software. Panopto’s screen recording tools captured all of the configuration steps and automatically synchronized them with the recorded voiceover from the engineers. And because Panopto’s video capture tools are tightly integrated with its video library, the recordings were automatically uploaded and ready to be viewed on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device in minutes. From then on, when clients would request configuration assistance, they could simply watch the Panopto recordings and follow along with the engineers step-by-step.

Improving executive communication

Before using Panopto, Young communicated with employees using traditional methods of executive comms such as town hall events and email newsletters. Town halls were often inconvenient, though. They required employees in different geographies to tune in at odd hours of the night and early morning. Email newsletters were also imperfect. They made it difficult to determine employee engagement, and didn’t allow Young to convey his personality and the company culture he wanted to impart.

Panopto was the perfect solution.

First, it provided an engaging medium for the CEO to improve corporate transparency and communicate with employees around the world. Every week or two, Young would record a short executive update – sharing insights into the business and providing information on new initiatives that employees would watch anywhere on-demand.

Second, Panopto didn’t require Young to go to a corporate recording studio or bring in an expensive AV team. Instead, he simply recorded videos in his office at his desk using nothing more than a webcam.

Third, the videos could be made instantly available to his employees. With Panopto, every recording was automatically uploaded to the central video library and processed so that employees could view the video on any device. Within minutes, Young could capture and share important messages and new insights with his entire organization.

Finally, Panopto provided built-in tools to measure employee engagement and get feedback. For any video, Panopto’s analytics made it possible for Young to see how many employees viewed the video and how much of the video they watched. And with Panopto’s comments feature, Young could get feedback from employees and respond directly to them inline.

Is your organization looking for a more effective way to share knowledge or improve executive communications? If so, contact our team for a demo of Panopto, or request a free trial of our software.

Published: May 15, 2014