Cutting-Edge Attorney Communications: Social Learning with Video

As law firms add new attorneys, open new offices, and broaden their practice areas,  forward-looking organizations are investing in technology to manage, scale, extend, and amplify the exchange of knowledge. At the forefront of the shift towards smarter training and knowledge management is Perkins Coie LLP. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with more than 1,000 attorneys across 19 offices in the U.S. and Asia, Perkins Coie looks to the future to keep its growing practice informed, connected, and ahead of the curve.

At Perkins Coie, the attorney development team led this initiative, purchasing Panopto with the specific aim of scaling training materials for the firm’s attorneys. Even before they were done ramping up their new video training library, other departments within the firm began to take notice of how easily information could be recorded and shared with video.

The human resources team was one of the first departments to utilize the Panopto platform. When the firm’s annual benefits open enrollment period began, human resources found that video provided a more engaging way to communicate the latest updates to the programs, and helped to reduce employee confusion. For the employees, the video explanation helped improve understanding of the benefits selection process, resulting in fewer questions for the human resources team.

Other teams inside Perkins Coie have discovered the value of video-based communication as well. With laws, regulations, and precedents changing constantly, attorneys within Perkins Coie now use Panopto to record and share select information with their clients.

Looking Ahead: Improving Knowledge Sharing Among Attorneys

With Panopto already in use as a centralized video library, a presentation recording system, and an internal communications tool, the attorney development team at Perkins Coie is now looking ahead to the next phase of its original mission.

Inspired by the social learning success of Khan Academy videos and TED Talks, Perkins Coie plans to deploy Panopto directly to its attorneys. Using the laptops and mobile devices they already have, attorneys on the team will be able to record and share best practices, review ongoing projects with their teams, and provide insights on specific cases.

As the firm continues to emphasize the value of preserving and managing its internal expertise, providing every member of the team with the tools needed to share what they know will be an important step toward achieving Perkins Coie’s ultimate vision — a future in which no valuable knowledge goes uncaptured.

Sharing Knowledge to Move the Firm Forward

Today, Perkins Coie is well on its way to creating an essential resource that ensures members of its team in their offices around the globe have instant access to review and contribute to the firm’s wealth of expertise and institutional knowledge.

While the business of law will always continue to evolve, the value of a law firm’s expertise will always remain paramount. For forward-looking firms like Perkins Coie, an enterprise video platform like Panopto makes it possible to manage, scale, and amplify the knowledge essential for winning cases, upholding claims, and securing contracts.

As noted by Julie O’Brien, “Panopto is the perfect tool for firms like ours. The technology may be new to our industry, but when it comes to making information and insights easy to record and share, we see great potential in video.”

Social Learning and Knowledge Management for the Next Decade

Perkins Coie’s attorney development team identified a key need — to unite their growing firm — and found that video was now well positioned to help them do so. With Panopto, Perkins Coie had everything they needed to record video from an attorney’s laptop, desktop, or smartphone, and then easily share that video content in a secure way throughout their firm. In the professional services field, and across learning and development organizations in every knowledge-heavy industry, video is giving forward-looking firms a competitive advantage through social learning and knowledge management.

To learn more about how Perkins Coie leveraged Panopto’s leading enterprise video platform, download your free copy of the case study today.

Published: June 29, 2015

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