How Tech Teams Use Video For Onboarding, Social Learning, Communications and More

Even across a now-dizzying array of devices, solutions, connections, and capabilities, every one of today’s tech companies have a particular trait in common: speed.

ICON - CTA - The Tech Industrys Secret Productivity Tool - VideoNow a generation into the promises of Moore’s Law, hardware today is operating at a pace that has been known to literally melt servers. Software, in turn, has overseen the launch of countless web services, apps, APIs, SaaS solutions, and countless other tools to help people connect and optimize their lives. This incredible array of opportunity has sparked a near-instant global obsession with quick connectivity, both technical and social.

Scale and efficiency are now the two biggest hurdles to success in the tech industry — and pointed questions for every VC, IPO manager, and CEO in the field. That’s because fundamentally, technology can be only as smart as the people who design it.

Today more than ever, the tech employees in every organization need to be subject matter experts. Experts in your customers’ organizations and challenges. Experts in the latest technologies and services-based business models. Experts in finding new sales leads. Experts in managing vendor relationships, sometimes in the face of channel conflict or inadequate support.

In a business environment defined by increasing competition, rapidly evolving technology, lengthening sales cycles, and cloud-based disintermediation, the knowledge of your employees is your greatest sustainable competitive differentiator.

So how do you equip your people with the knowledge they need to accelerate your business’ growth beyond the 11 to 15 percent industry average? What technology providers need is a secret weapon that enables your employees to efficiently acquire new knowledge and share it internally or with your sales prospects and customers — and that’s where video has become a welcome ally.

From accelerating onboarding and preserving the expertise of veteran employees, to boosting sales training, enhancing marketing, and even enabling more engaging internal and external communications, these are the top ways today’s tech teams are putting video to work.

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Published: December 29, 2014