"I Use Technology In My Classroom… To Get Technology Out Of My Classroom"

Bronwyn Bleakley is smart. An evolutionary geneticist by trade, she teaches biology at Stonehill College in Massachusetts.

So it isn’t a surprise that when Professor Bleakley wanted to get her students to stop spending class time passively taking notes on their laptops and start actively participating in discussion, she found a smart solution – the flipped classroom.

We’ll let her tell the story.

The ‘flipped classroom’ is one that engenders active learning and total engagement, and it starts with recording meaningful information that can be shared remotely. Teachers record and share lectures ahead of time, freeing up class time for group discussions, Q&A on the lesson, role playing and other hands-on learning activities. Creating a flipped classroom means that students consume lecture material online before class, preparing them for an engaging in-class experience.

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Published: May 08, 2017