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In 15 Seconds: Why You Need The Best Video Content Search

What if you could search the actual content inside all your videos? And find any word spoken — or shown on-screen.

With Panopto, you can record anything — and find everything.

Modern organizations are using video to communicate and capture more and more ideas.

  • Learning and Development teams record training sessions to support and scale onboarding and ongoing learning
  • Human Resources and Corporate Communications teams record internal policies and benefits communications
  • CEOs record quarterly updates, all-hands meetings, and town hall sessions that keep employees connected with the broader business
  • Product and Sales teams record product and feature demonstrations for customers
  • Technical teams record product and feature demonstrations for IT and developers
  • Marketing teams record ads, FAQs, explainer videos, and innumerable other quick videos designed to help customers connect with the company
  • Events teams record conferences, seminars, and workshops of all sizes to ensure even those team members who can’t attend in-person can still follow along
  • And any employee can record their own institutional or subject matter expertise, making it shareable to help everyone else in the organization work more productively

Schools and universities too have come to rely on video as an integral part of the learning experience for students.

  • Lectures are recorded for students to rewind and replay as study aids
  • Professors are “flipping” their classrooms, recording lecture materials for students to view before class, freeing up scheduled time for interactive discussion and learning
  • Students are recording more and more video for assignments, creating new opportunities to practice presenting, role play skills, and demonstrate proficiency

Over the last decade, a host of innovations have made video pervasive — from inexpensive, high quality cameras (often built in to existing devices like laptops and smartphones), to new software that encourages video use (just try to imagine today’s world without YouTube, Instagram Video, Twitter’s Vine, or the hundreds of streaming video services).

Now for organizations the final piece has come into place — easy, affordable video platforms like Panopto that make storing and sharing all that new video intuitive.

But even now, as video use increases with organizations around the globe, a simple truth remains:

If an idea is worth recording, worth saving, and worth sharing — it’s worth finding.

Video content search continues to be a challenge for most video platforms. Only Panopto’s best-in-industry Smart Search can index and find:

  • Every word spoken in every video in your library
  • Every word that appears on-screen in every video in your library
  • Every word included in presentation slides (even speaker’s notes) in every video in your library
  • And every word included in traditional video metadata, like title, description, notes, author, and optional additional details like transcript files or table of content items

Forrester Research has commended Panopto for “The Best Support for Video Search”. And when you compare Panopto to the other video platforms out there, it’s easy to see why:

Without Panopto’s Smart Search video search capabilities, all that new video content your organization has invested in loses its value as the people who need to see it are unable to find it.

With comprehensive video search that actually indexes the real content spoken and shown in your video, however, the value of your video lives on — offering insights, instructions, and ideas to any and every member of the team, right when they need them.

Ready to See What You’ve Been Missing?

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