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It’s Your Corporate Vision. Shouldn’t Your Employees Be Able To See It?

It’s your roadmap. Your flag on a hill. Your big, hairy, audacious goal. Whatever your metaphor, your corporate vision and mission statements should be accessible, memorable presentations of who your company is, where you are going, and how you’ll get there.

So why is it that no more than a handful of your employees can tell you what those statements actually say?

Gartner Research just identified vision and mission onboarding video as one of the five greatest opportunities, and lowest risk ways organizations should be using video.

Simply put, presenting your vision and mission in video will make those all-important guiding principles easier for your team to find, to see, to share, and most importantly, to remember.

Best of all, this is one kind of business video you can complete and share in no time at all.

Your team likely still needs to see the traditional presentation deck in order to read your vision and mission statements. Simply by adapting that presentation to video, you can help your employees not only read those statements, but really take them to heart.

Creating A Vision And Mission Video

Creating the video is easy. Screen recording software will allow you to record your PowerPoint deck with animation. Depending on your software, you may be able to record yourself presenting as you click through the slides, or capture and sync that audio later.

Panopto users can record both PowerPoint and audio, as well as one or more streams of video to support your onboarding presentation as well. This way, you can share synced video both the deck itself and of you presenting it – so your audience can better connect with the message. You can even add other video streams – such as a member of your leadership team describing why your vision and mission will help your organization.

Once you’ve made your video presentation, sharing it is as easy as uploading it to your video content management system, and sharing the link. If you’re a Panopto user, your videos upload automatically, so making them available is a breeze.

Sharing your vision and mission statements by video is a great opportunity to help your employees better understand your organization and how their work contributes to your success.

Panopto makes recording and sharing executive communications easy. Want to give it a try? Sign up for a free trial today!