Whether it’s a big conference keynote or a one-off executive communication, with Panopto all you need is your laptop to securely share a live webcast of your presentation with anyone you want – even with thousands of viewers around the world! See how we do it in our latest feature video below.



Live streaming events and presentations traditionally required expensive AV equipment and professional services. Not with Panopto. From any laptop, you can webcast video of you, the contents of your screen, and your PowerPoint presentation to tens of thousands of people in just a few mouse clicks.

During the webcast, viewers can interact with you by submitting questions and ideas through their web browser.

If you plug more than one camera into your laptop, you can live stream multi-camera event feeds. Capture the demo, the whiteboard, the presentation, AND the presenter – and always have the right angle to present every idea.

For more complex events and large venues, you can stream multiple video feeds using a distributed network of laptops and recording devices. Panopto will automatically sync the feeds and provide your viewers with a single viewing experience.

Every Panopto webcast is automatically recorded and uploaded into Panopto’s cloud-hosted or on-premises video content management system (video CMS). Your videos are encoded for playback on any device. And viewers can find and fast-forward to any word in your videos using Panopto’s unique inside-video search technology.

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Published: January 08, 2018