The expanding use of video within large organizations and the increasing network bandwidth consumed by video places new responsibility on IT executives to manage video as an enterprise-wide asset.

Several years ago, most organizations looking to deploy a centralized video library did so by building a solution in-house. These systems were costly to develop and could require initial investment in the hundreds of thousands – or millions – of dollars depending on company size.

For example, Microsoft built an internal video podcasting portal in 2008 at an upfront cost of $1.3 million. Once deployed, ongoing maintenance of in-house systems can be difficult based on the scalability needs of an increasingly popular solution, and due to the evolving industry standards that govern how video content is packaged and delivered.

With the emergence of the video CMS, IT organizations can acquire “off the shelf” video management solutions (video CMSs) whose up-front deployment and ongoing maintenance costs are a fraction of in-house systems, and whose functionality far exceeds that of in-house solutions.

A video CMS can also reduce IT costs associated with video strategies that are fragmented across lines of business. Forrester Research notes the prevalence of this fragmented approach in a 2012 research note:


“In one large software company, individual business units request servers from IT to stand up their own video solutions. And a US government agency had four separate applications in use by its operating divisions to publish training videos. These fragmented approaches to video increase IT costs and limit the potential value video can have enterprise-wide.”


A video content management system provides CIOs and their teams with the cornerstone to a converged video strategy that could save IT costs while improving the ability to share videos across the enterprise.

Reduce IT costs with a video CMS

You Only Need One System For Managing Video

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Published: May 21, 2018