Not Recording Your Lectures? Your Students Notice — And They Aren’t Happy

Students talk.

Sure, they compare stories from last weekend and plans for next, but just as often, they are comparing notes, assignments, lecture styles, and classroom experiences.

And should they find that their peers have access to study aids or reference materials not available in their own class sessions, frustration is quick to set in.

Though a novelty only a few short years ago, for many students, access to recorded lectures has quickly become an essential part of their studies. When professors opt not to capture their classrooms, that decision can draw real ire.

Lecture Capture Tweets

A sample of tweets from disappointed students. 
Names changed to protect the frustrated.


A Student’s Learning Experience Isn’t Just Your Classroom — It’s Every Classroom

Students don’t experience their university years as a series of discrete courses, each impossible to compare to the previous. Rather, as they discover methods and pedagogies that suit their needs, students seek out ways to repeat those processes and continue to reap those benefits, in classroom after classroom.

While the data is new, evidence suggests this effect is particularly strong when it comes to lecture capture. If a student has experienced lecture capture in a previous course, they become twice as likely to opt for another lecture capture-enabled course.

Some professors may not think the tools used in teaching freshman calculus are relevant to their 400-level philosophy or physics sessions — their students, however, seem to disagree.

Lecture Capture Likelihood



Students Assign Immense Value to Lecture Recordings

The reason behind students’ preference for lecture capture is simple: as a resource, recorded lectures offer a study aid that is second to none. Readings need to be parsed. Notes have to be deciphered. But if a video is available, that gives students instant access to exactly how their professor shared the information in question — in a format they can rewind, replay, and follow along with in real time.

It’s small wonder then that the vast majority of students consider lecture capture video to be an important tool in their academic careers.

Lecture Capture Perceptions

Results from internal institution surveys on the value of lecture capture


For Lecture Capture Holdouts, the Time to Start is Now

As universities prepare to start the new semester, professors who’ve never recorded a lecture should take a moment to discuss with a colleague how the technology has impacted their classroom, and what it’s meant for their students.

Recording a lecture is easier than ever before. Many universities have the necessary hardware and software installed in most every classroom, and can even schedule recordings to take place automatically. Modern lecture recording tools enable professors to record right from their laptops anytime and anywhere, adding extra cameras or microphones just by plugging them in. These tools even automate video management, taking care of formatting concerns and integrating with an institution’s learning management system (LMS) to ensure every student has easy access to the recordings.

As students experience the value lecture capture can add to their studies, they come to expect the technology in every classroom. Fortunately for professors, while that request may once have required a considerable investment in AV equipment and video production expertise, today just about all it takes to record any lecture is to open up a laptop and click “record”.

Looking for a solution that makes lecture capture simple?

Panopto’s flexible video platform for education was built for lecture capture. Software-based, Panopto records from any PC or Mac, automatically uploads every recording and formats each for optimal playback on any device, and integrates with most popular LMS solutions to ensure your students have easy access to your recordings. Panopto even indexes every word spoken or shown in your lecture videos, and enables students to keyword search and instantly fast-forward to the information they need as they are reviewing the recordings later.

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Published: August 26, 2015