One Simple Onboarding Trick to Help Newbies Never Forget a Name

A day or two into any new job, there’s often a moment that leads just about every one of us to panic.

It’s the simple act of walking up to one of your new team members, needing to start a conversation, and having absolutely no memory of what their name is.

Worse still, it’s knowing you’ve already been introduced — so asking again would mean openly admitting you’ve already forgotten.

The challenge of first-day introductions

Most organizations make introductions the top item on the agenda for each new person’s first day, whether it’s via an informal walking tour of the team’s office space, or more formally during the first standup meeting of the morning.

Yet those quick intros create a challenge — how to remember all those names and titles along with all the other mountains of information that a new hire typically receives in their first hours in a new position.

It’s a challenge that grows with the size of the team, and is multiplied if nameplates aren’t commonplace inside your office walls.

Don’t change your introductions — record them

How can you help solve the challenge and alleviate that panic for your new team members? By giving them a quick video resource to reference.

When your new employee starts, simply use a smartphone or laptop webcam to record the introductions you’re already making — formal or informal, there’s no need to change your approach.

Once your introductions are made, just upload the video to your corporate video library and presto — you’ve got an instant searchable video rolodex of coworkers that newbies, other teams, or if you’re like this author, forgetful colleagues can check.

Helping your new hires feel comfortable by knowing everyone’s name is a small but powerful step to easing the onboarding process.

Panopto makes it easy to capture and share any type of video for employee onboarding. With Panopto you can record from virtually any camera and upload it from any laptop to share in a central video library.

Just as importantly, Panopto’s industry-leading Smart Search technology allows your team to search by any word spoken and any word shown on-screen in every video in your library — allowing new team members to search for the person who mentioned “managing accounts receivable” and find Sharon.

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Published: April 16, 2014