When was the last time you joined an online meeting that used video or screen sharing? Chances are it wasn’t that long ago.

At businesses and universities around the world, video conferencing has become an integral part of meeting culture because it enables people to participate in discussions, brainstorms and decision making from remote locations while still feeling a sense of physical proximity. With the growth in online education and remote work, video conferencing solutions like Zoom have become the preferred way to communicate and share ideas online in realtime.

But what happens after the meeting? Unless it’s been recorded, all the valuable information exchanged is ephemeral. Even if the meeting has been recorded, how do you share that recording securely with other participants? And over time, how do you catalog all of your recordings, make them discoverable, and make their contents easily searchable?

This is why many businesses and universities are integrating their existing video conferencing solutions with a video content management system (video CMS) like Panopto. Together, these solutions can dramatically improve employee productivity through more efficient knowledge sharing.

Zoom + Panopto = Seamless and Secure Sharing of Online Meeting Recordings

Recently, the engineering teams at Panopto and Zoom worked together on a custom integration that connects our platforms and makes the sharing and management of Zoom recordings a seamless process.

The integration automatically transfers Zoom recordings to Panopto’s secure video library where they benefit from additional capabilities within Panopto:

  • Recordings are indexed for inside-video search, enabling people to find and fast-forward to any spoken word or shown on-screen within a Zoom meeting.
  • A web-based video editor that requires no software installation can be used to edit recordings.
  • Recordings are automatically encoded for optimal playback on any device.
  • A mobile app enables recordings to be searched, downloaded, and viewed offline.
  • Access controls make it easy to securely share videos with individuals and groups within your organization.
  • Video Analytics enable you to track viewing and engagement stats.


“We want to provide our customers with the best experience in storing, managing, and sharing their Zoom recordings. Panopto provides one of the best-in-class services in this area, so it was an easy choice to work with them in this integration and an ongoing effort to provide robust video content management to our customers.” 

– Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom


Improve Meeting Productivity And Stop Taking Notes

One of the biggest benefits of the integration is that it enables attendees to use recordings as reference material. Rather than taking personal notes during the meeting and sending post-meeting recap emails, attendees can use Panopto’s Smart Search to find the precise moment where key topics were discussed or review why decisions were made. This makes meetings even more productive by enabling attendees to focus on the topics, discussions and decisions rather than worry about taking notes or jotting down action items.

Search spoken words in Zoom recordings with Panopto

A search for “customization” returns results from all videos, including a Zoom Recording from 2 days ago.

Painfree Integration

With a few simple checkboxes and configuration settings in the Zoom admin panel, your Zoom recordings can easily be connected to Panopto.  

Zoom - Panopto Video Conferencing Integration

The integration can be configured in less than five minutes.

Once the integration is configured, you record Zoom meetings as you normally would. Everything automatically happens in the background.

Just click record in Zoom as usual - Panopto takes care of the rest

Simply click “Record” in Zoom, and we’ll handle the rest.

Minutes after the meeting ends, the recording will appear in your Panopto library. Because the integration associates your Panopto and Zoom identities, the recording can be placed directly under your personal folder (your Panopto “My Folder”) where only you can access it by default. From there, you can manage, edit and share it like any other video.

Panopto recognizes your Zoom identity

The integration understands your Zoom and Panopto identities, so your Zoom recordings automatically show up in your personal Panopto folder.

Ready to Start Maximizing the Value of Your Zoom Investment?

Video conferencing improves productivity through real-time, visual collaboration. Video content management systems act as a force multiplier by making it easy to preserve and share the institutional knowledge exchanged during those online meetings. As two of the fastest-growing vendors in our respective markets, Panopto and Zoom see this integration as a natural step towards helping you maximize your productivity and the return on your video investments.

Interested in learning more? Get started today with a free trial of Panopto.