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Panopto Recognized Again as One of the Streaming Media 100

108578-streaming-media-100-gold-145Today, we’re honored to be included in the newest edition of The Streaming Media 100: The 100 Companies That Matter Most in Online Video. This marks the third consecutive year Panopto’s been named to Streaming Media’s annual list of companies doing “the most interesting and innovative work in streaming video.”

In our market, interesting and innovative work has been happening for more than a decade now. YouTube launched in 2005, transforming video from something that had to be transferred via disk or FTP to something that could be shared online. Motorola’s Razr added video recording to its camera in 2006, as did the iPhone 3GS in 2009, putting reliable (and increasingly high-quality) video cameras at the fingertips of millions of people. More recently, the spring of 2015 made live streaming video possible for anyone with the near back-to-back launches of Meerkat, Periscope, and Facebook Live.

Yet, when it comes to online video innovation, we’re still much closer to the starting line than we are to the finish.

Too many video technologies are point solutions. Too many content management systems fail to support the unique needs of video in storage capacity, bandwidth management, and file type management. And for many, video is still too hard to create — with too many manual tasks to capture online meetings or incorporate multiple feeds and geographically-distributed presenters.

For our part, Panopto is going to continue working to make it easy for anyone to share expertise with video — with a more complete solution to video that enables recording, management, searching, and sharing all in a single place.

  • We’ll continue to simplify how people record and share videos, so trainers, teachers, executives, and subject matter experts can efficiently share what they know.
  • We’ll continue making it easy to centralize video assets in a secure video library, ensuring institutional knowledge can be preserved and played back even when the expert isn’t available.
  • We’ll continue making video just as searchable as text, making it possible to rely on videos as information resources the same way we do documents today.
  • And we’ll continue making video easy to access by integrating our platform with the CMSs, LMSs, CRMs, and other services where people already seek
    out information at work and at school.
  • Most of all, we’ll continue making video easy to adopt, with software-based tools that are easy to use and roll out, predictable pricing, and the industry’s best customer support team with a 99% satisfaction rating.

For anyone sharing detailed information, integrated video platforms have become a necessity. We’re honored to be recognized as one of the vendors “charting the course” for video, and we’re committed to making video a simpler and more convenient way to train, teach, and communicate.

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