Record Your Screen With A Single Click

There are plenty of ways to try to tell someone what you’re seeing on your laptop.

You could write long emails describing what you see. You could make a phone call and talk someone through it – assuming they see the same thing you do. You might even take still images with the old Alt+PrintScreen trick and annotate it in PowerPoint.

But if you really want to show people what you’re actually seeing, nothing does a better job than a screen capture video.

Which is why Panopto includes some of the best screen capture video capabilities in the world. See for yourself, in our newest demo video.

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With Panopto screen capture, you can record the content of your Windows or Mac computer with a single click. Develop software tutorials and product demonstrations, walk through presentations and programs with full video, deliver social learning and corporate best practices talks – and more.

If you can show it on your screen, you can record it with Panopto – even in high definition, up to 1080p HD.

Panopto also enables multi-monitor support – allowing you to capture the output of multiple monitors attached to your PC. Panopto automatically synchronizes your screens and presents them in a single user interface.

And with Panopto, Windows PC users can even live stream your screen content to viewers located anywhere in the world – whether it’s 10 coworkers or 10,000 customers – securely, in just a few mouse clicks.

And Panopto doesn’t stop when your recording does. Your screencast is automatically uploaded to the Panopto video content management system, making your screen capture available on-demand and easily discoverable by coworkers in minutes. Our built-in video search even helps your team find specific segments within your video by keyword.

And like every video Panopto hosts, we enable adaptive bitrate streaming and HTML5-based viewing, delivering the best viewing experience based on each viewer’s bandwidth and device.

Want to try Panopto’s screen capture capabilities for yourself? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

Published: January 28, 2014