There are plenty of ways to try to show someone what you’re seeing on your computer screen.

You could write long emails describing what you see on your screen. You could make a phone call and talk someone through it – assuming they see the same thing you do. You might even take still images or screenshots with the old Alt+PrintScreen trick and annotate it in PowerPoint.

But if you really want to show people what you’re actually seeing, nothing does a better job than screen recording software.

Which is why Panopto includes some of the best video screen capture capabilities in the world. See for yourself in our screencast recording demo below.



With Panopto’s video screen capture software, you can record you and the contents of your computer screen with a single click.

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If you can show it on your screen, you can record it with Panopto – even in high definition, up to 1080p HD. Record your PowerPoints, Prezi slides, Skype calls, web conferences and more.

There are an endless number of applications for video screen capture, aside from simply sharing something you’re seeing on your computer with someone else. Below are just a few example uses for video screencasts:

  • Develop software training video
  • Create product demonstrations
  • Walk through a process in a video
  • Support social learning and
  • Improve corporate communications

Panopto also enables multi-monitor support – allowing you to capture the output of multiple monitors attached to your computer. Panopto automatically synchronizes your screens and presents them in a single interactive video player.

And with Panopto, you can even live stream your screen content to viewers located anywhere in the world – whether it’s 10 coworkers or 10,000 customers – securely, in just a few mouse clicks.

And Panopto doesn’t stop when your recording does. Your screencast is automatically uploaded to the Panopto video content management system, making your video screen capture available online, on-demand – it’s easily discoverable by coworkers in minutes. Our built-in video search even helps your team find specific segments within your video by keyword.

And like every video Panopto hosts, we enable adaptive bitrate streaming and HTML5-based viewing, delivering the best viewing experience based on each viewer’s bandwidth and device.

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Want to try Panopto’s video screen capture software for yourself? Record right in your browser without downloading any software or plugins using Panopto Express, a new free video and screen recorder from Panopto. There’s no sign-up required and every video you own the content you create. Get started now!

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