School’s Back In Session — 7 Things Businesses Can Learn From Universities About Putting Video to Work

As organizations look to video as a tool to help create more effective, engaging, and scalable training and communications, many early adopters have been surprised to discover that proven use cases for video already exist.

Already colleges and universities are using video to capture lectures for student review and study, live stream events and conferences, record lessons for “flipped classrooms” and individual guidance, enable students to record assignments and presentations, and countless other applications.

Many businesses are beginning to catch on to those proven opportunities. Today they’re adopting those same use cases that schools have; they’re just changing the names. Here are just some examples:

  • Recording instructor-led training to be available on the corporate YouTube? That’s lecture capture through and through.
  • Delivering video to remote offices and employees? Universities call it “distance learning.”
  • Capturing information, presentations and whiteboards during meetings? Meet the newest lab and colloquia best practice.
  • Presenting ideas, information, and other internal expertise as part of social learning or executive communications initiatives? Peer-to-peer student video is one of the best learning aides there is.
  • Recording your presentation to share ahead of time so you can spend the meeting discussing details and making decisions? What’s now called the flipped meeting gets its name from the classic flipped classroom.

ICON - 7 Things Businesses Can Learn from Universities About VideoBusinesses may be behind academia in adopting these best practices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t catch up. As video technology becomes ever more affordable and easier to integrate with internal systems, and as each new graduating class adds to the payrolls millions of new employees already trained to use video to communicate, many organizations are finding that now is the time to invest in enterprise video solutions.

From online presentations and on-demand training to live event streaming and employee-generated content, video is starting to transform the way businesses share knowledge and communicate. Yet as enterprises grapple with the challenges of how to capture and manage video-based learning at scale, universities are already recording tens of thousands of hours of video every semester, and deploying campus-wide video learning solutions overnight.

So just what are the challenges to video that a decade of experience has taught universities how to handle? Let’s take a quick look:

  • The hardware issue. Universities have discovered how to successfully do away with expensive A/V equipment and personnel—without compromising video quality
  • The perspective problem. Universities have learned how to record video from multiple locations and sources, easily blending them together into a single unified presentation
  • Video storage chaos. Universities have brought all of their videos into a single, secure location, greatly simplifying content management
  • File incompatibility frustrations. Universities have discovered how to allow all of their videos to be viewable and sharable on all of their students’ and employees’ devices—no matter what the file format or device type
  • Bandwidth capacity concerns. Universities have found several ways to conserve bandwidth—without compromising video availability
  • Live learning scalability struggles. Universities are able to increase or reduce their video platform usage to accommodate changing needs
  • The video search problem. Universities provide their users with a way to keyword search across the video library as well as within individual videos, greatly increasing discoverability

And so, the question becomes: How? 
With all of the challenges inherent to video, how have colleges and universities done what corporations have struggled to do without great complication and expense?

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Published: August 27, 2015