Social Learning at Panopto — How We Share Knowledge

What do you do when a subject matter expert leaves your company? How do you preserve and share the knowledge that they’ve acquired during their time as an employee?

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Recently, Panopto had the chance to answer these questions when one of our engineers, John Ketchpaw, decided to pursue his next professional adventure.  Over the course of three weeks, we used our own software as a tool for social learning to transfer John’s knowledge to other members of our engineering team.

Each day, John and the rest of the team would meet for “brain transfer” meetings in which John would demonstrate on his own laptop, and draw on the whiteboard, the intricate details of the product areas he’d been responsible for.  To ensure this knowledge didn’t evaporate at the end of each meeting, we used Panopto’s video platform to capture everything on John’s screen, record all of the conversations during the meetings, and capture everything John wrote on the whiteboard.  These recordings, which often included multiple simultaneous video streams (for screen capture, whiteboard recording, etc.) were then automatically uploaded into Panopto’s video content management system (CMS) where they can now be accessed by anyone on the engineering team from any device.

Preserving John’s knowledge in the form of easily accessible video had the added benefit of speeding the onboarding process for Bertrand Lee, a new hire at Panopto.  After each “brain transfer” meeting, Bertrand would return to his office and replay the meeting to ensure he absorbed the new material.  Using Panopto’s video search engine, Bertrand could easily navigate an hour-long video to zero-in on specific topics that were discussed. He could also take notes within the video that were then saved as part of the recording in Panopto’s video CMS.

When John’s last day at Panopto rolled around, the team had amassed over ten hours of video knowledge.  The engineering team had acquired a deeper understanding of John’s work, and Bertrand had learned everything he needed to know to hit the ground running.  It was a great internal use case of our software that resulted in better team productivity and faster onboarding for a new hire.

To see how we used Panopto for social learning and knowledge management, check out the video below.

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Published: March 28, 2012