Solving a Specialized Workforce Skills Gap — The Way The Training Professionals Do

For more than 25 years, companies large and small have trusted their training needs to Industrial Training International (ITI), placing a high value on the company’s high-touch, hands-on teaching methods provided at training centers in the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Anticipating a need to train a new segment of highly-skilled specialist engineers, in 2014 ITI sought to find out whether its team of trainers could leverage video-based eLearning to deliver the company’s trademark learning experience to an even larger audience.

Drawing inspiration from the video-enabled learning best practices in place in the nation’s leading universities and colleges, ITI adopted Panopto as a video platform that could enable the team to create and share video training content with professional audiences around the world. Today ITI’s team of instructors rely on Panopto as an essential tool that helps them solve critical knowledge gaps in their clients’ workforces.

The Problem: How to Train a New Generation of Specialist Engineers

In 2013, ITI recognized its clients would soon be facing a significant change in their workforce. With the impending retirement of the Baby Boomer generation already underway, the veteran rigging engineers employed by ITI’s customers were beginning to retire in large numbers. Schools, however, were simply not producing new graduates with the skills required to replace those positions.

With a team of experienced subject matter experts ready to teach and certified training centers ready to provide students with first-hand experience in the field, ITI had the know how to produce the specialized skills their customers needed.

Classroom-based training, however, could only scale so far. With more and more clients requesting training — and with even more potential clients interested in training but unable to commit due to issues with scheduling or the cost of travelling to the training centers — ITI realized they needed an innovative solution that could allow their team to produce a course that could be delivered online but still retain the quality of their in-person sessions.

Wanting to deliver a best-in-class learning experience, ITI researched the learning technology used by leading colleges and universities to record lectures, flip classrooms and provide training to their administrative staff. In short order, ITI discovered Panopto — and discovered a flexible, software-based video platform with which they could record and curate video content from instructors scattered around the globe, manage and edit those recordings in the cloud, and easily share them with students anytime and anywhere, on-demand on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Learn How Your Organization Can Scale Up Training Efforts

Armed with Panopto, the all-in-one solution for recording, uploading, editing and managing video, ITI is preserving the knowledge of an entire generation of engineers, ensuring that the world’s infrastructure and construction projects keep moving forward.

To learn how your organization can use video-based eLearning to scale-up training initiatives without scaling up your training budget, download the ITI case study today.

Published: April 29, 2015

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