Summer Reading List: What You Need to Know To Flip Your Classroom Next Year

Summer vacation is upon us. For students everywhere the next 3 months will be a blur of sunshine, summer jobs, road trips, and relaxation.

Summer ReadingFor teachers around the world, that warm weather bliss comes with one more opportunity — the chance to rethink and restructure their courses and reinvigorate their classrooms for the coming school year.

In recent years, educators have been using that summer session as a springboard to make the switch to a blended learning environment, using technology as a classroom assistant to help improve their students’ learning experiences.

And while teachers are finding no end of new ways to adopt blended learning principles, one particular application is quickly becoming the new go-to strategy: the flipped classroom.

Today 1 in 5 teachers are thinking about flipping their classroom.

What You Need to Know When Planning to Flip Your Classroom

With a flipped class model, students watch pre-recorded lectures before class, then use in-class time for discussion and engaging activities. Schools that have begun flipping their classrooms report increased student engagement, attendance, and overall achievement.

As simple as the definition is, however, the options are many. Today educators have developed dozens of strategies, tactics, and best practices for flipping a classroom.

The best way to prepare for your own inverted classroom is the same advice you give your students — spend a little time this summer reading. There’s no shortage of helpful resources — here are a few of ours:

Flipped Classroom Recommendations, Strategies, and Tactics

Flipped Classroom Case Studies

Video Examples of the Flipped Classroom in Action

    • Bee Anatomy — A demonstration recording of course material using a laptop and an iPhone to record two streams of video simultaneously – the video of the faculty member that uses a webcam attached to a laptop, and the microscope video.
    • Biology — A simple screen recording-enabled lecture, showing presentation materials front and center for students to review.
Biology Flipped Classroom Demo - Panopto Video Platform


Try It Yourself!
If you’re ready to start flipping your classes, Panopto can help. Request a demo to find out more about how other institutions are using our system to flip, or sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

Published: June 19, 2014

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