The 6 Minute Guide to Flipping Classes

The flipped classroom, also known as the inverted classroom, is currently one of the biggest trends in education, with 1 in 5 teachers reporting that they’re interested in making the flip. In flipped classrooms, students review lecture materials prior to coming to class, while in-class time is reserved for teacher-guided activities that allow students to put the lecture material into practice. In essence, classes are “flipped” from their traditional environments so that students learn new content on their own at home through online or recorded lectures, while traditional “homework” materials such as assigned problems are performed in-class with the teacher present as a resource.

The initial results from this new approach to teaching have been promising. Teachers report that flipping classes has enabled them to spend more one-on-one time with students, improving the level of engagement and quality of interaction in classes. At the same time, students taking flipped classes have more flexibility to learn at their own pace. Watching recorded lectures gives students the opportunity to pause, reflect on, and replay lectures as many times as needed in order to better understand difficult concepts, or even work ahead if desired.

If you’re a teacher curious about flipping your classes, the amount of information online can be daunting. To help distill the basics of flipping classes into its most important parts, we’ve created a short, 6-minute video guide to flipping your first class. In it, we discuss all the essential elements of flipped classes: goal setting, designing class flow, preparing your students, creating video lectures, and more.

Six Minute Guide to Flipping Classes
Interested in more ideas for flipping classes?
If you’re an instructor or school administrator looking to make the flip, download our free white paper, So You’ve Decided to Flip Your Classroom. In it, we take a deeper look into the evolution of the flipped classroom and discuss the technical details you’ll need to consider before making your first flip.

We also offer a free trial of the Panopto video platform so you can see for yourself just how easy it is to record lectures and start flipping your classes today.

Published: November 10, 2014