90% of everything every employee in an organization learns isn’t taught in formal training courses. It’s gleaned from informal advice given by subject matter experts, serendipitous observations of colleagues’ more efficient techniques, and systematic trial and error.

Often, the knowledge acquired and shared via “social learning” is an organization’s most essential, as it covers the most practical information employees need to work effectively on a daily basis. This includes detailed understanding of job-specific processes, tips for how specific tools can be used most efficiently, and more.

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But the granular, role-specific nature of social learning content is also why it’s historically been impractical for formal learning and development (L&D) teams to produce. Enterprise social networks have sought to fill this gap in recent years, but the adoption and performance of these apps often fall short of expectations. The reason is that traditional enterprise social apps excel at sharing text-based information, but they don’t allow employees to actually observe each other in order to learn from one another.

By contrast, a video knowledge sharing platform enables employees to record anything they know and share it with co-workers to observe, imitate, and improve. The ability of video to capture and replay human activity makes it an ideal solution for social learning, and in recent years, advances in video technology and the emergence of enterprise video platforms have made company-wide social learning an attainable goal.

Today, enterprise video platforms are helping businesses share institutional knowledge in ways never before possible — speeding up new hire onboarding, facilitating sales enablement, preserving the knowledge of retiring employees, and improving the pace of innovation.
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