Congratulations are in order! Your trained and knowledgeable sales team has identified a prospect, conveyed your value, converted that prospect into a lead, and now closed that sale. Job’s done, right?

Well, close but not quite.

For most businesses, retaining that customer is just as critical as signing them in the first place. Strong renewal rates drive up customer lifetime value, and in turn allow organizations to realize more revenue from every sale — enabling them to invest in product development, increase spend in marketing and sales, and any number of other benefits.

Of course, in a competitive marketplace, renewals are no sure thing. Your customers are likely hearing about the competition every day — in the news, from their colleagues and peers, and in the direct sales outreach that constantly fills up their email and voicemail inboxes.

Many sales enablement teams have responded to this changing sales landscape by adapting to become an ongoing knowledge base for their customers, offering helpful, tailored content that goes beyond sales collateral and helps them establish credibility and differentiate their organizations through superior customer experience.

Insider tips, how-to videos, and previews of coming features.

Want to become an essential part of your customers’ businesses? Help your clients become experts.

Teaching new customers how to get the most out of your product, where to find those helpful features that are often overlooked, and new ways they might use it are all essential customer service functions that your sales team can and should contribute to. Video makes sharing all those “secrets of the specialists” easy — eliminating the need for lengthy how-to manuals and instead simply letting clients see exactly what to do.

In most sales relationships, your contact will become your champion in their organization. Ensuring your contact truly understands your product not only ensures they get the maximum value from your relationship but also helps them sell your product to others inside their own organization. Likewise, giving your clients an inside edge on what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s coming next helps them better prepare their own teams for any updates and avoid any after-the-fact surprises.

Ongoing communications and routine check-ins.

In every customer’s lifecycle, there are dozens of moments your team can use to reinforce your relationship, identify potential trouble spots, and work to ensure that renewals are quick and easy.

Including video helps to personalize your team’s communications, and can humanize your company against a sea of otherwise faceless competitors.

The result: online customer service experiences that exceed expectations, increasing brand appreciation and word-of-mouth marketing.

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Published: September 14, 2018