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This Week’s Greatest Ideas Shared with a Panopto Video — May 2, 2014

An online presentation — be it recorded and available on demand or webcast live and streaming worldwide — is a simple, practical means to show what we know and help others learn it too.

At Panopto we’re in the lucky position to be the tool of choice for sharing ideas for hundreds of businesses, schools, and organizations around the world. Every day we get to see incredibly smart, sophisticated, useful ideas shared as recorded presentations.

And in the spirit of sharing, we want to share some of our favorites with you.

Sustainability for Professionals thumbnail - Panopto Video Platform

Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals
Dr. Emma Patterson and her colleagues from Bath University share this recorded lecture given as part of the university’s MOOC course on sustainability, challenging learners to create a sustainability strategy both for themselves as well as their organizations.

Vatican Observatory Seminar thumbnail - Panopto VCMS

To The Edge of the Universe: Vatican Observatory Seminar
Professor Jose Funes shares his recorded presentation discussing the history of the Vatican’s observatory, its interest in astronomy, and why the Vatican came to the University of Arizona in its continued work in exploring the skies.

Cardozo Law presentation thumbnail - Panopto Video CMS

The Iraqi Jewish Archives: To Whom Do They Belong?
In 2003 the U.S. military personnel discovered tens of thousands of Jewish artifacts in the flooded basement of Iraq’s intelligence agency. The severely damaged and waterlogged materials were sent to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration for preservation. Join Cardozo Law for this recorded webcast of its conference discussing the factual background and legal issues surrounding the exhibition and return of these archives.

Surbiton High Egg Cam thumbnail - Panopto Video Streaming Platform

Surbiton High School Egg Cam
A webcam may never find a cuter subject than when Surbiton High School focused its recorder on five eggs as the chicks inside began to hatch. The now-ended weeklong broadcast of the occasion streamed live video of the chicks in their first days of life — giving Surbiton’s students an unrivaled look at the beginning of life, and our own offices an unmatched opportunity to fawn over the baby birds.

Panopto makes it easy to record and share online video presentations, both as live streaming webcasts and recorded on-demand video. To see how Panopto can help you share your ideas, contact our team for a free trial today.