So you’ve heard video can help your employee onboarding be more engaging and consistent, and you want to try it out. But where do you begin?

If you’re looking to enhance new hire training with video, here are a few tips to get started.

  1. Keep onboarding videos simple
  2. Keep your videos short
  3. Make onboarding videos searchable
  4. Make videos interactive
  5. Use analytics to improve content


An example of a simple employee onboarding video.

1. Keep onboarding videos simple

Your training videos don’t have to have production budgets that rival Michael Bay’s action movies in order to be engaging. With Panopto, you can easily record an onboarding video presentation with as little as a Windows or Mac computer, PowerPoint or Keynote slides, and a webcam. All you do is hit the record button, and your video is automatically synchronized to your slide presentation. No expensive A/V equipment is needed.

2. Keep your videos short

Shorter videos help ensure your audience remain engaged. The longer the video, the less likely your audience will watch the entire way through. We recommend limiting your content so that each video only covers one topic and lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. If you’re speaking on a longer topic, break your video up into smaller, shorter subtopics. For example, if you would like to inform your new hires about healthcare benefits, you may wish to consider separating your presentation into shorter videos on insurance options, flexible spending accounts, and enrollment instructions.

It might be easier for you to record a longer presentation all at once, and separate the recording into smaller “chunks” in a video editor. If you prefer to record this way, Panopto’s got you covered. Once you’re done recording your entire video, you can use Panopto’s web-based video editor to trim out and save portions of your original recording to create separate videos.

3. Make your onboarding videos searchable

The first day at any job can be overwhelming, especially when there are lots of things to remember. Ensure that your new employees can quickly refer to your training content when needed by making your video content searchable. Panopto’s video content management system (video CMS) is unique in that it allows you to search inside videos for words mentioned by the presenter or shown on the presentation slides. Clicking on a search result automatically fast-forwards to the point in the video where the word was mentioned or appeared on-screen.

4. Consider ways to make your onboarding videos interactive

Some people retain information better when they’re more actively engaged in the learning process. Panopto enables you to easily build quizzing and polling into your videos so your new hires can get more involved in the topic at hand. You could build a simple quiz using Top Hat or Survey Monkey, then append that quiz link into your Panopto video. Viewers can answer the quiz during the video, then view the results and engage in dialogue based on the findings.

5. Use analytics to improve your video content

Video analytics can be an invaluable tool for determining what works (and what doesn’t!) in your training videos. Panopto’s video analytics dashboard can show you points in your videos where your new hires’ attention spans are dropping off.

If you’re interested in seeing how Panopto can help you improve your training and e-learning, sign up today and try Panopto for free.

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