Video for Enterprise Social Learning

Over the past several years, social learning has reached a tipping point in the enterprise. Enterprise spending on social learning software has increased as more businesses seek to encourage employee learning in new ways and leverage the knowledge of their use of subject matter experts across the organization. According to a study from Bersin by Deloitte, the average enterprise spent three times more on social learning tools in 2012 than in the previous two years. And a 2012 report from Accenture states, “social learning will be a force in every organization, sooner or later.

Typically, social learning in large enterprises has involved employee-generated, text-based content such as blogs, wikis and discussion forums. More recently, however, video has also been gaining traction in the enterprise for informal learning and internal communication. Using as little as a laptop and its onboard webcam, employees can capture insights, best practices, and demonstrate problems or concepts more quickly and efficiently than through text-based email or discussion forums.

At Panopto, we’re privileged to get a first-hand look at how the innovative ways our enterprise clients are using video for social learning in their organizations. Some of their top use cases include:

1. New Employee Onboarding

Panopto Video Social Learning SoftwareWhen subject matter experts leave an organization, video can be used to efficiently capture their knowledge. These “knowledge transfer” videos can then be used to train incoming employees. Using video to onboard new employees can greatly reduce in-person training time and gives new recruits a searchable, on-demand resource to refer to as they become acquainted with their new roles.

Some companies are also using video to help new employees become acquainted with other people in the organization. We’ve seen executives and other incumbent employees use our software to record welcome messages for new employees to watch before their first day on the job. These videos help incoming employees familiarize themselves with the names and faces of their new colleagues, and help decrease the first-day pressures of having to remember everyone’s name right away.

2. Product and Technology Demonstrations

When it comes to sharing information on technologies and processes, video makes it easier to show rather than tell. In particular, screen recording software enables employees to easily demonstrate to colleagues how to perform a task or reproduce an issue. Video-based social learning software like Panopto enables employees to submit notes and comments on videos, providing additional opportunities for interactivity and collaboration.

3. Sales enablement

Video has become an increasingly important part of sales enablement — not only for top-down training, but for informal knowledge sharing as well. Sales representatives often come across important information during their meetings with clients and prospects, and need ways of quickly capturing and disseminating that information while in the field. The ability to quickly record and share informal videos using a mobile app like Panopto Mobile enables reps to efficiently share time-sensitive knowledge anywhere and at any time.

What has your company done to encourage social learning? What are some ways your business is using video for social learning? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Published: June 02, 2014