Video Recording without the Hassle

Recording and live webcasting events, conferences and meetings has never really been a cakewalk.  You’ve got to find (or rent) the right AV hardware to capture the recordings.  You’ll inevitably have last-minute setup issues to work through on the day of.  You typically need an AV specialist sitting in the room to ensure that the recording or webcast is going as expected. And if your event or conference includes multiple simultaneous presentations, you need even more equipment and staff.

But what if you knew that, on the day of the event, your recordings and webcasts would start automatically and “just work?”  What if you didn’t need a person monitoring every recording in every conference room?  And what if you could get high quality live and on-demand video using commodity hardware like laptops, webcams, and consumer-grade camcorders?

These are the goals of Panopto’s automated recording functionality.  Automated recording allows you to use a web browser to control video recordings and live webcasts taking place across your organization.  It lets you schedule recordings in advance of the event to minimize last-minute setup issues. And because Panopto works with nearly any video source that can be plugged into a PC, you can use the high-end AV equipment if you’ve got it – otherwise, you may be amazed by the quality you can get from consumer webcams and camcorders.

Universities like Newcastle are already using automated recording across their campus to capture tens of thousands of hours of video lectures every year.  Businesses can use automated recording to simplify the capture of conferences, recurring meetings, corporate training, press events and more.

In this 3-minute chat, Eric Burns provides an overview of automated recording (which we often call “remote recording”) and how it can help organizations overcome challenges with capturing video.



If you’re interested in learning more about how automated recording can help your organization capture more video more easily, sign up for a free trial of Panopto’s video platform.


Published: December 13, 2013